Foreign forwarders are interested in the Russian Transport Alliance

Miroslav Zolotarev,
Head of ACEX Alliance 
and Christos Spirou, Managing
Director of Air Cargo Group

Members of Air Cargo Group, an international alliance of the largest independent air integrators, who had a meeting on the 28-30th of March in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, still confirm their high interest in the Russian market of transport logistics. 

Despite continuing concerns about the stability of Russian politics and economics, foreign partners are willing to invest their knowledge, experience and capabilities into the transport infrastructure of Russia and the CIS. It was confirmed during the negotiations of Shipco USA, Shipco Shanghai, SIFA France, and also more than 30 forwarders from Australia, South America, Central and Eastern Europe.

The main objective for already the 10th meeting of the ACG alliance members (ACEX has been its member since 2013) is uniting forwarders' direct contracts with airlines around the world, access to more favorable terms by merging of air cargoes volume throughout group, providing «direct» rates from the airlines and the shipping lines from first hand, without intermediaries.

Similar goals are set to the first Russian international logistics alliance - ACEX, founded in 2013 to unite independent freight forwarders. Therefore, the participants of the conference in Brazil found a large number of common points and opportunities to start cooperation between the two alliances.

Among of them:

  • technological exchange
  • integration of supply chains
  • entering into Value-Incentive Contracts
  • consolidation of air freight volumes
  • entering new international markets

Miroslav Zolotarev, the head of ACEX Alliance, specifies:

« What for foreign forwarders need to unite into different alliances and associations? What for Aeroflot and Lufthansa airlines need to enter air carriers’ alliances? What do alliances give to them? Business; power; consolidation; special terms and conditions for the members; other more beneficial rates. Our alliance has the same idea and sets the same tasks. International companies have understood this long ago, they aim at integrating. Our forwarders have the same goals. We give them this possibility now, inviting the best regional transport companies to join the Russian logistics alliance».  


Miroslav Zolotarev, Head of ACEX Alliance 
and SACO Group Air Germany partners

Foreign colleagues expressed their willingness to come to Russia for communication and negotiations with the Russian alliance members and to look for the opportunities of joint business development.

ACEX Alliance conference will be held in September 2014 in Moscow. Please, follow further details on the website or request the information at the Alliance Press Center

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