Gaining Practical Experience at Cargo Terminal

Every company employee who is engaged in freight forwarding knows which way cargo comes over from the customer to the consignee. But as the phrase goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Last Friday, on the 9th of November, the ACEX Alliance members visited the freight terminal “Moscow Cargo” and clearly saw the cargo “route”.

Eugeny Andreev, the Head of client service of “AirBridgeCargo” in Russia and the CIS who has 29years working experience in this sphere, conducted an excursion at the terminal.

Total area of the terminal is 42 300 sq.m.; it handles 380 000 tons of cargo per year.

The participants visited the customs inspection area, the client room, the cargo reception and delivery area, the warehouse, and also boarded the 747-8F cargo plane, where they saw cargo transportation and arrangement in two compartments: the        upper one, in which the maximum cargo heights is 3, 05 meters, and lower one, with a height of 1.63 meters.


*photos were taken from AirBridgeCargo website 

The sizes of the goods determine the choice of the transport type, and experts pay attention primarily to the height of the cargo. Passenger boards are able to take cargoes in height of no more than 160 cm. Of course, the length is also important, but with a low cargo it is possible to place it in the longest part of the fuselage, therefore, first of all, specialists pay attention to the height. A cargo plane is capable to take cargo with a maximum height of 3.05 meters, which gives the client more opportunities to transport “oversized” equipment. Boeing 747-8F payload mass is 139 tons.


The cargo terminal is equipped with the automated storage and cargo handling systems which are unique in Russia.  In the territory there are:

  • Automated seven-tier system of shelf storage and cargo transfer, allowing handling 3 198 pallets.   
  • Four-tier zone for container storage equipped with automated ULD handling system with total capacity of 576 cells, including 60 cells for ULD storage with temperature sensitive cargo.   
  • 13 conveyor lines with access to the ramp, including line for acceptance/dispatch of 20-feet pallets.
  • 29 points of cargo acceptance/release equipped with dock levelers, 2 of which are designed for handling of large-sized cargo and 2 for acceptance of express shipments.     

During the excursion to the existing terminal, the clients and partners of ACEX visited the warehouse of AirBridgeCargo transfer cargo handling where the pallets waiting for connection flight are stored.  A convenient display on the wall of the warehouse helps staff to monitor storage of goods more carefully, showing the temperature, humidity levels, atmospheric pressure and radiation in the warehouse.

ACEX organizes excursions for its members to various places that allow them to understand how logistics works. In addition, Alliance members hold joint meetings with customers and partners for business development.

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