Transport Logistic in Exhibitors’ Review. Advantages of Joint Participation

Transport Logistic

According to exhibitors, joint participation gave a lot of advantages for the participants in the scope of costs reduction and time saving.  

Taking decision on participation in the exhibitions each company faces issues of financial expediency of the event. And a cornerstone in this question solving is the budget allocated for advertising. It is not a secret that the logistics exhibitions are, first of all, an instrument for promotion but not the place for clients search or contracts signing. Transcontainer or UTLC, the industry giants, allocate great budgets for their stands at key events, such as TransRussia or Transport Logistic in Munich.  

ACEX offered its partners the concept of joint participation in the exhibition TransRussia in 2015 and 2016. In 2017 ACEX invited its partners at joint booth at the biggest international transport exhibition in Munich. 

In order to illustrate attractiveness of such offer there are some figures.

Chris Raeuber
ACEX booth

Minimum rented area and simple construction without individual company style could cost for the participant about 6000 Euro. This is the cost for the standard booth closed from three sides with total area of 15-20 sq.m. located in the inconvenient place in one of 12 huge pavilions with a simple sign board with the company name. This cost does not include graphic design of the stand, catering, cleaning, registration in the catalogue and advertising.

These costs will be equal to approximately 5000 – 10000 Euro or even more depending on the exhibitor’s wishes. 

Besides these costs the participant has to solve administrative questions with the exhibition, constructor, subcontractors, etc. 

ACEX was responsible for all organizational issues, thus, the participants contacted only with the booth organizers who were ready to answer all questions of co-exhibitors and take into account all their wishes and offers. 

Co-exponents were offered to choose a united concept of the booth, located in one of the central pavilions of the exhibition in an open zone with high attendance, with individual designer concept, video screens, bar counter, allocated zone for negotiations and advertising materials of each company. The booth hosted visitors with catering during 3 days. The attractive promo-models in the uniform of the Russian airlines treated the guests to soft drinks and Russian snacks.  

Depending on the package, each participant paid about 4 – 6,5 thousand Euro.  There is direct evidence of costs optimization.

Co-exhibitors share their advantages of joint participation.

Alexander Kovalev, the Client Manager, ACEX Estonia: “I have only positive emotions. All was well organized with attention to details. I was impressed by the number of exhibitors and presented regions, services in the field of transport and logistics. I participated in many different meetings, discussed opportunities and prospects of further cooperation. I would like to note cordiality and hospitality what became a business card of the booth. I think we will participate in the next events.”  

Слева направо: Мирослав Золотарев, Татьяна Лучшева, Алексей Хлебников
Chadi Fares и Никита Ковалевский

Tatiana Luchsheva, the Deputy Director, Marketing and Sales, “SV-TRANSEKSPO”: “Thanks to joint participation at the booth we had opportunity to see and take over the experience of other companies in the field of participation and positioning at the exhibition, conduct of joint events at the stand and, of course, communication with the participants and visitors, on the whole. Participation was beneficial for us from financial point of view. We liked everything and want to thank you for your professionalism, support and thorough partnership cooperation with all booth participants.”

Alexey Luvsan, the Operation Director, Optima Freight: “We met a great deal of new companies and plan to work with them in future. I can also tell that participation was financially rewarding for us. We wouldn’t have been able to organize a booth on our own. And in addition I would like to mention two pretty waitresses who treated the guests to the drinks and snacks.”

Дмитрий Никулин Мирослав Золотарев
слева направо: Юлюс Бейноравичус, Денис Смирнов и Дамир Исмагилов

Dmitry Nikulin, Air Charter Service LLC, Moscow: “The booth was convenient with much place for negotiations and what is important, with many positive people open for communication. The working atmosphere was great. The people were inspired by the event energy and were in mood for development and cooperation. This time I have visited the exhibition for the 5th time in the capacity of the visitor. For me the most essential factor is the participation of the Russian companies with a big booth”.  

Denis Smirnov, the Director of the “Agency of Customs Logistics”, Togliatti: “For us it was important to understand the positioning of the Alliance and the role of our company at the joint booth. Of course, such format is beneficial for the companies in the field of sharing the expenses.”

Damir Ismagilov, the Head of Operation Department, PSG: “It is the first experience of participation in the exhibition in the capacity of the exhibitor for me. 
The booth enables to unite the companies with wide geography of participation within the territory of Russia and the whole range of services. I think that the booth visitors should be satisfied. The booth was convenient. The organization was at high level.” 

Никита Клвалевский и Анна Черникова
Слева направо: Александра Чагина, Ольга Полянская, Лев Бондарев, Алексей Пенкаускас

Nikita Kovalevsky, the Head of Optima Freight, ACEX member in Finland: “When you come to Transport Logistic you see all the scale of the logistics world. Maybe the image can become even more vivid if I compare the exhibiting with the moment when a watch-master opens the watch and sees the mechanism working through the microscope. Everything becomes clear.”

Anna Chernikova, the Airfreight Manager, CARGO EXPRESS, Moscow: “I think the joint booth is a plus for all participants. It was never empty during all days. It is known that people have “gregarious feeling” and visit crowded places or places where something happens, passing by lonely and sad places. This time “massive participation”, bright design and successful location played positive role and our booth had advantageous appearance against neighbors.”

Lev Bondarev, the General Director, FF Cargo Services: To my mind it was a brave decision to be present in the pavilion with national booths supported at the governmental level.  During my visit I noted serious work. So, I came to conclusion that the booth was popular among visitors. I hope it will bring marketing and commercial results for your Alliance.”

According to exhibitors’ reviews, joint participation gave a great deal of advantageous including costs optimization and time saving. 

ACEX also plans to participate with a joint booth in Transport Logistic in Shanghai in 2018.

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