ACEX Alliance Presented Project of “Single Point of Contact” at Ministry of Economic Development of Russia

The Seminar on the cooperation in the field of realization of a “single point of contact”, aiming to simplification of trading procedures took place in the Ministry of Economic Development within the framework of the presidency of Russia in the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC).

Miroslav Zolotarev, the Head of the First Russian Worldwide Logistics Alliance ACEX (Associated Cargo Experts), took part in the seminar and presented the business community opinion.    

The seminar was attended by the representatives of state authorities, academic community and business structures. The participants discussed organizational and legal matters in the field of creation and development of a “single point of contact” in the countries of BSEC, as well as   expectations and needs of business, role of state and private partnership in this sector of business.

The main goal of the event is to develop cooperation with BSEC countries and create favorable conditions in the field of mutual trade, namely: simplification of trading procedures and decrease of time costs while implementation of export and import operations.

The participants focused on the experience of the members of the Eurasian Economic Union in the field of development of a “single point of contact” and organization of their cooperation. According to the speakers, the entrepreneurs (consignors, consignees, forwarders, carriers, terminal representatives) are the interested parties as well as they possess information, which is to be provided for the state authorities via a “single point of contact”. The speakers told about different experience and expressed their opinions on the matter.

Miroslav Zolotarev suggested to unite concepts presented at the seminar and to use them in the process of implementation of a “single point of contact” project:   

russian_logistics_alliance_acex.jpgPractical implementation of a “single point of contact” require step-by-step efforts:    

Creation of B2B platform for integration and business cooperation in terms of data processing. This stage can be realized on the basis of the platform of LLC “CBC”(Customs Broker Center), suggested at the Seminar, for the small and medium business or on own IT-platforms of large business.    

  • Integration of B2B platform with the state electronic portal of the FCS “Sea port” or with the portal of state services, where the principles of national security will be observed and the algorithms and forms of business data provision will be described

  • Coordination and harmonization of data exchange process between the state authorities, development of unified standards and document forms for the purpose of time decrease required for data processing and simplification of foreign trade formalities.    

  • Integration with the systems of “single points of contact” of other countries of BSEC and other regions. 

According to Miroslav Zolotarev, business community can participate in realization of the project on its own or in cooperation with the state structures. In order to involve the companies it is possible to apply both principle of compulsory electronic declaration of goods and voluntary business involvement which will favour creation of preference for the companies in the field of guarantee of terms for customs clearance of cargo be the customs authorities, as well as of terms for implementation of boundary formalities.  

Following the results of the Seminar Miroslav Zolotarev offered the following events in order to implement the project of a “single point of contact” in the shortest time:

  • “It is necessary to create a system of electronic data collection from the participants of foreign trade activity for the purpose of data exchange and simplification of commercial cooperation. The platform of “CBC” can become one of such systems under the condition that its consumers will be provided with the added value and benefits. 

In addition the Federal Customs Service should study real mechanisms for guarantee of terms of foreign trade procedures for the companies providing electronic data on the portal “Sea port” together with paper documents. In this case business structures should be provided with the opportunity to work on the portal through personal account on the non-commercial basis, with the purpose of the growth of a number of the project participants as well as for the project development.

  • The state authorities should consider acceptance of EDIFACT standards for data exchange in case of the national “single points of contact” international integration or designing of their own standards of data exchange in case of national security and state secret priority.”    

The questions on implementation of a “single point of contact” provoked a great interest of the BSEC partners, as these are real practical steps in the direction to simplification of trading procedures and business conduct.   

Press-release with the results of the event is available on the site of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation:


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