Digital Trans-Eurasian Logistics platform as Locomotive for Economy of EEU countries

On August 10, 2016 the market players and experts of the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) within the framework of the project session of the working group on formation of the EEU digital space discussed electronic transit transport corridors of the EEU (Eurasian Economic Union).


The event was attended by the representatives of state authorities, transport and logistics companies, corporations from other fields of economy, as well as scientific centers and business associations of the EEU countries.   

The meeting of the working group was opened by Alexander Petrov, the Head of EEC project on digital transformation, who noted that the through digital processes and electronic services are becoming an integral part of the new economic reality in the transport and logistics industry. 

According to the experts’ assessment the transfer of transport market to the principles of digital economy will lead to qualitative growth of electronic services and appearance of new cooperation ties between logistics enterprises and companies from other fields of business.    

Oleg Dunaev, the representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, made a report where he presented a project on formation and development of Trans-Eurasian Logistics Platform approved within the framework of the IV Eurasian Conference on logistics. The conference was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia with support of the UNECE and with participation of the Eurasian Economic Commission of the EEU, the Ministry of Economic development, the Transport ministry, the Federal Customs Service of Russia.  

The suggested TransEurasian Logistics Platform is an economic space for networking cooperation of the Eurasian companies in the general process of the goods and services production which are connected by the unified standards and technologies of management enabling to coordinate chains of value creation on the regional, national and international markets.   

Miroslav Zolotarev, the Head of the First Russian Worldwide Logistics Alliance ACEX, told about practical implementation of the Translogistics platform of the EEU and initiative of the ATLP creation (Airfreight TransLogistics Platform) according to the decisions taken at the expert session “Logistics in the development of the Eurasian air transport networking” on March 24, 2016 at the IV Eurasian conference on logistics and at the first meeting of the ATLP at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia on May 31 where the industry members discussed introduction of electronic document flow for standardization and coordination of business processes between the participants of airfreight market in Russia and the EEU countries.

Miroslav Zolotarev noted that the ATLP participants are considered as the actual transmitters and consumers of digital processes and services and the initial ATLP goal is to unite all the participants of electronic data interchange, become a basis for the algorithm of cooperation between the business and the state and form the framework for electronic document interchange in the airfreight industry of Russia. 

According to the participants’ opinion the digitalization, standardization and coordination of projects in the EEU countries can stimulate efficiency of transport networking of the whole Union. Digital logistics can become the locomotive for the economy of the EEU countries which can unite not only the manufacturer and the consumer but also all fields of economy.


* The photos and materials in the present publication are taken from the Eurasian economic commission web site 

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