Transportation in "Difficult" Direction

The coronavirus pandemic, as well as the riots in America, not only caused huge damage to the lives of the citizens, but also caused the disruption of international cargo flights.

Many major airlines cancel or reduce the number of flights to North American countries. Turkish Airlines operates cargo flights only to five American destinations, while DHL Aviation delivers only courier cargo to America.

In such a difficult logistics situation, ACEX offers several options for air delivery of American cargo.

Direct Air Freight

02.jpg Thanks to the services of Air Bridge Cargo, one of the airlines with a guaranteed load on Board, imported cargo will be delivered to Russia from America within 8-10 days from the moment of taking the cargo and before arrival at the destination.

In addition, the ACEX specialists offer other options for air freight of products from North America.

ACEX also organizes export transportation from Russia, sending cargo by British Airways, AIR FRANCE KLM, Air Bridge Cargo and Aeroflot.

Multimodal transportation

If for some reason it is impossible or inconvenient to send the customer's cargo by direct air freight, ACEX offers a comprehensive solution: air transportation of cargo from North America to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Helsinki or Riga and then by combined truck to Russia. 

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