Cooperation between ACEX and RILA is in Progress

On June 4-5, 2015 the annual General meeting of the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Russian intermodal logistics association” (ANO “RILA”) took place in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhniy Novgorod region. The event was attended by the members of the association and aimed at summarizing the results of 11 years of successful operations on the Russian market. 


Miroslav Zolotarev, the Chairman of ACEX Alliance, also attended the annual meeting of the association with which the alliance started to cooperate in 2015. 

The head of RILA notices that cooperation with ACEX Alliance is one of the most important event for the association in 2014-2015. 

The head of ACEX participated in the extensive conference on vital questions of logistics and transport development and made a report on this topic. The participants discussed a wide range of questions - cooperation with global logistics operators, state of affairs of small transport companies, the process of implementation of education projects in the logistics industry. The reports were also made by the Association of Automobile Carriers, the Association of Transport Safety, the Spectyazhtrans Union, the Logistics Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and industry, the Yanino Logistics park, etc. 

“Such events are of great use for business cooperation between the alliance and other associations in Russia,” comments Miroslav Zolotarev on the meeting results. "Before last year the Alliance was focused on cooperation with the foreign associations in order to incorporate the international logistics into the system of the Russian logistics. From 2015 ACEX Alliance has started to cooperate with the Russian associations and unions such as RILA, STELS, ULA. First of all, we are interested in cooperation with regional associations which know the specificity of their regions and orientate in the market environment. Our country is huge and due to mentality the business peculiarities vary in different regions. In order to provide unified standards of service and approach to cooperation with the foreign partners we, as an alliance, should interact and cooperate with other Russian associations.” 

During the meeting the “Agency of Customs Logistics” (AСL), the representative from Samara region, one of the leading members of RILA with 11 years of experience, signed an accession agreement with the ACEX Alliance. In the beginning of July the companies also agreed to meet in Togliatti and Ulyanovsk and conduct negotiations with the clients and the alliance partners from Japan. 



АТЛThe role of such associations as RILA and international ACEX Alliance is to unite the members and defend their interests at different levels, including business and state authorities. According to Alexander Lisin, the CEO of the Russian Intermodal Logistics Association “the key factors for the alliances and associations attractiveness are the possibility to start stable partnership which cannot be imitated, substituted or replaced. This is the ticket to success for the members of the association in the difficult time of “turbulence”. 

ACEX Alliance is aimed at this goal achievement, as it is focused on trust relations and cooperation between the participants. 

Reference information:

РИЛА.png“Russian Intermodal Logistics Association” (RILA) is the first interregional noncommercial association of the logistics market players in Russia. It was established in August, 2004 as the Volga region logistics association. From 2014 the Association has become a Russian Intermodal Association having entered into the Federal level. The Head office is located in Nizhny Novgorod. RILA supports development of intermodal transportation and coordination of different means of transport within a uniform logistics system. It consists of 139 members, legal and private entities, from 17 regions of Russia, including 57 companies which are full members of the association.

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