Congress of Manufactures and Supply Chain Management Professionals

437 delegates participated in the Congress - cargo owners, manufacturers, retailers, experts, logistics providers. The event took place April 10; the atmosphere was friendly and eventful. So, as cool girls in bright red suits stewardesses, brand of ACEX events, added even more brightness to it.

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Alexandra Chagina, ACEX development director, presented the decision to optimize the cost of air transportation and Alexey Lipatov, the head of the multimodal transport department, spoke about reducing the cost of delivery through the consolidation of LCL and FCL on the business program of the Congress "Gallery of solutions for supply chain management problems".

Miroslav Zolotarev, the Board Director of ACEX, spoke about blockchain-technologies and suggested taking steps to implement them in the field of logistics, developing industry standards by means of a working dialogue on the basis of a discussion club.

Логистический консорциум ACEX Логистический консорциум ACEX

In this case, the role of ACEX, as a non-profit network organization, will be in uniting the development of blockchain -applications of various companies, developing conceptual ideas and developing new solutions with other market participants.

Members of the logistics consortium ACEX took part in the Congress. Yulia Pritykina, the head of the commercial department of Free Lines Company, spoke about the problems and solution in terms of delivery of modular cargo from China.

Various solutions were presented during the event - logistics, information, technological, management, and equipment - from sales forecasting to procurement and supply. Partnership with the Congress allowed ACEX specialists to get an idea of the most modern methods, approaches, products, solutions that can be applied in practice of logistics and supply chain management.

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