Alexandra Chagina Became an Ornament to Chelyabinsk Conference

Alexandra Chagina, the Deputy Director of ACEX, graced the business program at the industrial conference in Chelyabinsk where the logistics experts were only men.  

The industry representatives from all over Russia and top managers of international companies came to Chelyabinsk, the biggest industrial center of the Ural. The Russian conference “Directions of development for the transport and logistics services – 2017” became the platform for negotiations aimed at solution of acute questions of goods transportation. 

ACEX Alliance was presented by Alexandra Chagina, the Deputy Director, and Damir Ismagilov, the Head of Operations, PSG (ACEX in Kazan).   

Alexandra Chagina made a presentation on modern trends in logistics in terms of expansion and growth of the company, mergers and acquisitions, cooperation and integration into alliances. 

“Choosing logistics operator, the client faces a great deal of difficulties, - began her report Alexandra Chagina, - the alliance provides faster connection between the client and logistics provider and is ready to become responsible for simplification of cooperation between the parties.”     Alexandra Chagina told in details about the alliance functions and gave an example of successful cooperation between the companies while realization of interesting projects.

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Damir Ismagilov (ACEX Kazan) draw attention to interesting IT solutions aimed at decrease of expenses in transport and logistics activity. “I liked the report of “SystemsRussia”, the company specialists offered their own project – automated vertical warehouse which will enable to decrease expenses in the logistics field,” – shares his impressions Damir.

According to the participants, the main advantage of the conference was the possibility to conduct meetings and business negotiations with prospect partners and discuss cooperation in terms of export bargains.


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