Black Sea Shipping Service Ltd. Novorossiysk Became a Member of ACEX Alliance

This year Black Sea Shipping Service Ltd. have participated in the annual conference of ACEX Alliance– an international summit of transport and logistics companies Eurasia Cargo meet – in a new capacity.  The contract of entering into the alliance was concluded in the middle of April, 2016. 


“As regards our goals within the framework of the alliance, we, first of all, see prospects of cooperation,” comments Denis Bobrakov, the Commercial director, “We want to be of use for all the members and partners of the alliance, as well as to represent Novorossiysk as a powerful logistics hub with well-developed infrastructure and wide opportunities. We would like to promote the Alliance in the South region of Russia, as well as to take our company to a new level. Thanks to two years of cooperation with ACEX we have satisfied that this system works and entering into the alliance will give us a new impetus to development.” 

Container transportations by sea is the main field of activity for BSSS Ltd. The company also provides the whole complex of services, including cargo forwarding at the port of Novorossiysk in all three container terminals, customs clearance and export processing for grain-crops (chick-pea, wheat).  Thanks to own terminal, BSSS offers exclusive conditions for dispatch through the port of Novorossiysk, namely: storage, handling, loading into containers, fumigation according to all state requirements (using bromide, phosphine), survey, certificates and declarations, container delivery to the port and sea freight.      

“We continue to work with permitted Turkish cargo in the port of Novorossiysk and in the port of Azov,” informs Denis Bobrakov. “We have substituted regular road transportations from Europe through unstable Ukraine for the sea logistics through Novorossiysk from any part of Europe as the sea transportation is safer and cheaper type of cargo delivery.” 

In spite of visible decrease in import volumes and the tendency of the clients to cut down the expenses, Novorossiysk is still one of the most attractive port thanks to low rates and short transit time from the SEA, the Indian Ocean, the Middle West and the Mediterranean Sea, cooperation with which is actively developing. Novorossiysk is ahead of Saint Petersburg in terms of costs what enables to safe the transportation costs in the conditions of difficult economic situation.   

Entering of BSSS into the ACEX Alliance will enable us to form beneficial supply chains, offer alternative service for the client, as well as will become useful for the alliance members. 


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