Birthday of the Company in High Spirits

ACEX Group employees traditionally celebrated the birthday of the company. The date of the meeting was June 30, and the place was a country resort.

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ACEХ team recharged with energy and inspiration for new feats in the countryside.

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During team building, colleagues once again proved that it is easy to keep a balance together, to overcome obstacles and build bridges. At the end of the game the team unified and built the best office ever from different materials. Creativity, resourcefulness and love to the work stood at the head of the holiday.

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ACEX colleagues also ran the conceptual model airplanes, discovered new talents and danced. The Board Director of ACEX Miroslav Zolotarev made a festive speech and the cake appeared before the guests.

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This time the right to taste the first piece of cake went to the youngest logisticians!

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ACEX is not the first time holding joint events, among which were the volleyball and bowling competitions, go-karting, race in half marathon, and even climbing on top of the world's largest mountains.

We invite our colleagues and partners to join the future initiatives!


Watch the holiday video.

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