Round-Table on Airfreight Logistics Project Creation was Attended by the Top Officials of the Industry

CCI of the Russian Federation organized a Round-table discussion on the development and implementation of a new project in the Russian transport industry “Aviation trans-logistics platform” (ATLP), as a tool for strategic supply chain management in the Eurasian space on May 31, 2016.  

The event was organized following the results of the IV Eurasian Logistics Conference, which took place on March 24, 2016 at the CCI of Russia and the expert session dedicated to the airfreight market. The event organizer was an initiative group of the Russian logistics alliance ACEX with the support of the Logistics Committee of the CCI of the Russian Federation.    

The round table discussion was attended by the heads of cargo departments of the leading airlines in Russia (Aeroflot, AirBridgeCargo, S7) and the Russian representatives of the airlines of Europe and Asia (Emirates, Hainan Airlines, Airfrance/KLM), cargo terminals (Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo, Pulkovo, Tolmachevo, Irkutsk, Koltsovo, Yemelyanovo), logistics companies, general sales agents (Global GSA Group), courier services, freight forwarding companies, logistics services of exporters and importers, industrial companies of the Russian Federation, representatives of state authorities (Federal Customs Service) and associations of civil aviation (IATA, Association of Air Transport Operators).

The leading experts from all sectors related to air cargo industry, commodity producers, representatives of customs authorities, Russian and international associations and mass media participated in the event.

Moderators of the round-table discussion were the coordinators of the project "Air Cargo Translogistics Platform": Oleg Dunaev, the Member of the Board of the CCI of the Russian Federation on industrial development and competitiveness of the Russian economy, and Miroslav Zolotarev, the Chairman of the Russian Worldwide Logistics Alliance ACEX.


The reports on the concerned topics were made by Oleg Korolev, the Head of cargo department, Aeroflot, and Dmitry Salichev, the Head of airfreight service in Russia, Emirates, as well as other participants of the discussion. Among the highlighted topics were the following: implementation of e-document management in the air cargo industry in Russia for the purpose of the procedures simplification, reduction of time for cargo processing, decrease of costs for airlines, airports, forwarders and clients.

The participants developed an implementation plan for “ATLP” In the course of the discussion, on the basis of which they will solve the subject matters.

The experts from different fields of airfreight industry also participated in the discussion. Natalia Pirozhenko, the Head of cargo department in Russia, IATA, noted that the problem requires comprehensive solution with implementation of e-document management in Russia in the field of airfreight.     

Dmitry Zaichikov, Business development manager in Russia, "Champ Cargosystems S.A.", the leading IT-operator, is sure that the business community should be ready for changes and refusal of paperwork.

Eugene Rayevsky, the Head of cargo transportations department, "Domodedovo Commercial Services", emphasized that cargo terminals of the airports play a great role in data transfer in electronic format to the controlling authorities and their active cooperation with the forwarders.     

Igor Knyazhevsky, the Head of cargo and mail service, Tolmachevo airport, Novosibirsk, endorsed the necessity of implementation of e-document management for airports, which serve transit flights of the airlines performing technical landing.

Sergey Ivanov, the Logistics director, “R-Farm”, the pharmaceutical enterprise, drew the attention to the interests of cargo owners while transition to the electronic document management and its usefulness: better quality of rendered services and decrease in costs.     

Importance of the interests of the airfreight services consumers was underlined by Vladimir Goncharov, the Deputy logistics director, “Oboronlogistics”, the leading logistics enterprise of the military industrial sector, and Olga Kurolesova, the CEO, “La Mare Logistics”.       

Maksim Stepin, the Representative of the Customs service, Domodedovo, noted that the Federal Customs Service pays great attention to improvement of customs administration and develops software tools for customs operations processing. However, it is impossible not to use paper documents at all, as a number of state authorities do not provide opportunities for electronic data provision because of both technical possibilities and absence of appropriate regulatory framework. It is necessary to move in this direction, choose a unified system algorithm, combine business efforts and create a platform for cooperation which will give economy of scale, time, and funds for both the carrier and the final consumer.  

The next meeting of ATLP will be held on September 7-8, 2016. By this date the experts will be ready to develop and present an action plan for implementation of the discussed issues. The participants will also discuss issues which concern air cargo terminals – Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Tolmachevo, “Airports of regions” and “Bazel-aero” during the next meeting.

ATLP intends to solve actual problems of the air cargo industry, promote technologies and standards of customer services, project management, realize network cooperation on the market of air cargo transportations, monitor implementation of supply chains, standards and technologies ensuring the profit growth of the companies involved into airfreight transportation in Russia.

ATLP goals are:

  • Define strategy of supply chain management on the market of airfreight services
  • Examine projects on minimization of aggregate costs of the clients, airlines, airports, logistics companies on the basis of network cooperation 
  • Continue to develop air cargo logistics in Russia within next two years (2016 – 2018)
  • Provide growth in value of the company capital at the account of technologies development in the airfreight logistics, development of logistics standards, management of changes of the supply chains and costs creation on the market of logistics services.   
  • Develop competence of the companies and the staff in the field of airfreight logistics and supply chain management.

ATLP will be the base for consultation of cargo owners and forwarders in the format of road show with presentation of ideas and products, including IT technologies, portals. The purpose of ATLP is to disclose their real needs and correct possible projects taking into account actuality and importance for the market and the client.

Following the results of the Round-table discussion the participants suggested creation of a coordination board as a consultative body for cooperation between the participants of the platform and state authorities by August 31, 2016.     

Download the resolution on the results of the Round table discussion following the link






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