Andrey Shvyrev, the Head of ACEX Group Customs Clearance Department Gave the Interview to Kommersant Publishing House.

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According to Business Guide double-system chips had a good showing for two years of GLONASS Satellite System functioning (in collaboration with US GPS system). A number of foreign companies already produce the chips and as a result they become cheaper and available for more consumers. The result can be estimated after two months of using the satellite device.

«In my opinion, – Andrey Shvyrev commented, - the percentage of transport with implemented GLONASS system is not more than 5%. GLONASS will have the opportunity for further development in case if it is rival to GPS. Traveling around our country one can find places where GPS system doesn’t work.

If GLONASS takes this shortcoming of its business-rival into account it will have some chance for expansion on our market. Any innovation system development must consider our State peculiarities, its economics, geography and other spheres of life. The perspective exists as well in case where all freight forwarders are obliged to have Russian satellite systems.

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Andrey Shvyrev specified: «I am not using this system; I am using the different one. My colleagues using the system shared their opinion about it with me and as far as I know the traffic jam definition is not present in the GLONASS. The main economic benefit of using satellite systems is the ability to track the vehicle.

Such an instrument allows you to monitor the drivers work, which helps to reduce fuel costs, determinates and predicts delivery accuracy improving the customers service.

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