Air Charter Service Joined ACEX

The leader of charter air freight and the first Russian worldwide logistics alliance signed an agreement of partnership. 


According to the agreement the partners can exchange information for tariffs, rates, cargo tracking, and flights schedule; get access to ACEX CRM system for orders monitoring, participate in the Program of payments security created by ACEX for its members safety. In addition the parties agreed to participate in joint advertising campaigns, marketing events and conferences in the field of airfreight traffic. 

“It is no secret that the cost of charter airfreight is rather high and the procedure is not very clear for the client,” comments Alexandra Chagina, the Head of airfreight department, ACEX Group. “However, thanks to entering of Air Charter Service, whose staff has a great experience in charter traffic all over the world, into ACEX Logistics Alliance the alliance members will be able to widen their service in the field of air transportations, improve quality of services and make the mechanism of this kind of services more transparent and clear, as well as Acex Alliance members will have more opportunities for new clients drawing and for business development, thereby they will increase their profit.” 

Charter cargo transportation is a kind of service which is becoming more and more popular on the international aircraft business, what is caused by several reasons: first of all, it is speed of transportation, as regular cargo flights cannot offer such possibility because of low frequency of flights; secondly, it is delivery to far regions where regular cargo flights do not fly; thirdly, it is transportation of oversized or dangerous cargo which require special handling. 

At present Air Charter Service takes leading places all over the world in the terms of flights quantity: in 2014 the company organized over 9000 flights for total amount of over 450 million USA dollars, transported over a quarter of a million passengers and over 30 million kilograms of cargo. The company is planning to increase its cargo traffic thanks to cooperation with the logistics alliance of the Russian and international forwarders. 

Dmitry Nikulin, the Head of charter airfreight, ACS Russia: “Charter flight is a special and unique service for the majority of our clients. As a rule, it is the most expensive method of cargo delivery, yet it is the fastest one. I hope that our partnership with the Alliance will make charter more clear and better understandable process for the participants”


Reference information

ACSAir Charter Service was established in 1990 in London. In 1995 the company opened a new office in Moscow. At present the company has 19 offices on 5 continents, including 3 offices in Russia and the CIS countries: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Kazakhstan. Main services of ACS are passenger and private freight air transportations. The company has access to 50 000 of private aircrafts all over the world: from helicopters and small business jets to cargo aircrafts and transcontinental airliners. Annually the company organizes about 9 000 of charter flights with total cost over 450 million USA dollars. It has awards in cargo air service: The best broker of ACW World Cargo Awards in 2013 and 2014, the Best broker of Payload Asia Awards in 2013 and 2014, the Best broker of Air Cargo News in 2014. 

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