ACEX Represented Russia at the Freight Summit

The Freight Summit that took place in Kuala Lumpur last week attracted more than 350 visitors. This year the event was marked by 10th anniversary and is a record number of delegates. The summit is a platform for cooperation between the representatives of the freight forwarders. Top managers and business owners from all around the world attend face-to-face meetings with aim to maintain the existing business contacts and entering into new agreements.

ACEX at The Freight Summit
ACEX at The Freight Summit

More than 10 worldwide logistic alliances participated in the summit this year. Among the attendees there are South American alliance SkyCargo, Focused Cargo Network from ASEAN countries, United Shipping from the US, Combined Logistics Network, ACEX Russian Worldwide Alliance and many others.

Alexandra Chagina

Canada, USA, Germany, France, Portugal, India, China, UAE is only a small part of all countries that were present at the summit. This year Russia was represented by ACEX Worldwide Logistic Alliance and CARGO EXPRESS, the Alliance member in the Moscow region. “We attended the summit before in 2015, when it was held in Pattaya.” Deputy Business Development Director at CARGO-EXPRESS, Alexandra Chagina says. “Comparing 2015 and 2017 I can say that international companies’ interest in the Russian representatives has greatly increased within 2 years. My meeting schedule was complete long before the event, and a number of delegates who wanted to negotiate with the representatives of Russia exceeded the amount of time devoted. A lot of business partners stated that they often face difficulties while selecting good agents in our country that is why they were interested in face-to-face meetings.”

It is also worth to mention that European, Canadian and American companies spoke about a decrease in the turnover with Russian explaining it by the world crisis and political situation. Overseas companies are willing to develop business with our country and seek ways of possible cooperation since a decrease of the turnover negatively affects not only the Russian economy but the economy of their countries as well.  Face-to-face meetings in this case a great tool for information exchange and finding solutions that are suitable for both parties.

While Europe, USA and Canada observe the decrease in the turnover with Russia, Chinese and Indian companies are developing business connections. The delegates from these countries were most interested in face-to-face meetings with ACEX Alliance representatives. 

ACEX at The Freight Summit
ACEX at The Freight Summit

Information technologies were not left aside as well. India regarded as one of the most high-tech countries. The software of one of the companies allows tracking of the transportation and provides rates via applications called Whats up and App. Whats up program allows providing the operational department with the current rate within 2 minutes, and the App allows the customer access to the current status of the transportation.

One of the topics of the negotiations was the customs clearance. It is formalized in Russia today and if the required documentation is prepared in advance the cargo quickly crosses the borders within the minimum period of time. The most important aspect here is to find a partner that is a licensed customs broker and has experience of working with the customs office. ACEX member, CARGO EXPRESS is one of such partners.

At the same time with TFS in Kuala Lumpur an annual FIATA conference took place. The key topic of the event was logistics as a tool for global trading development. Among the topics that were discussed at the conference there are e-commerce development, implementation of new technologies and quality standards within the new economic conditions that will simplify the interaction with the Russian contractors.

Elena Baranova

More convenient interaction between the representatives of the Russian and international logistics business was the idea that laid the foundation for the creation of the ACEX Alliance. Not only agents are interested in the Alliance but international networks as well. “Freight Summit traditionally unites the global alliances worldwide,” Deputy Marketing Director at ACEX, Elena Baranova says. “Within the framework of the Summit we negotiated with the representatives of the CLN (Combined Logistics Network), Sky Cargo Alliance (South America), United Shipping (USA), Motion (Germany) representatives and others, initial agreements were made.”

The Summit lasted 4 days, the ACEX representatives conducted more than 80 meetings with the international agents and representatives of the global logistic networks.

ACEX at The Freight Summit
ACEX at The Freight Summit

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