ACEX participates in the Forum dedicated to the Blockchain Technologies

Information technologies are the major issues for the systemic development of international relations in the sphere of digital logistics and transport corridors with the involvement of Russia. Here we are speaking about the creation of digital products and use of blockchain technologies in transportation, creating of united digital space of CIS and EEU countries, consolidation of international relations in the logistics industry within the nearest future.

International Association for Logistics Business "IALBU" with the support of State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation and Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with the Association “Transport Digital Era” and Transcontainer, AO are preparing for the International Forum on digital logistics and blockchain systems in the network of transport corridors. The forum will take place on 15 of March in Moscow.

Блокчейн меняет правила логистики и цепей поставок

The following issues will be addressed and discussed at the forum:

  • Digital solutions for transport and development of logistic infrastructure.
  • Blockchain technologies and IoT, creation of digital platforms.
  • Transparency of supply chains as the major source of blockchain technologies successful application in logistics.
  • Digitization of the economy as a driver of development of transport infrastructure and united transport system.
  • Intellectual solution in the system of transcontinental routes and implementation of global initiative “One zone one route” in the digital format.
  • Required legislation initiatives for the development of digital logistics and digitization of transport.

The top managers and representatives of the state regulating bodies, ministries and administrations of railroads of Russia, Europe and Asia, CIS, BRICS and SCO and other countries, International Union of Railroads, Domestic Transportation Committee, UNECE, ESCAP UN are invited to the forum.

The representatives of the First Russian Worldwide Logistic Alliance ACEX will participate in the forum because they believe that the future of logistics relies on the information technologies such as blockchain in the world and particularly in Russia since it faces a lot of transparency problems and the losses of the industry and supply chains there are extremely big.

Блокчейн меняет правила логистики и цепей поставок

The presentation that will be made by Miroslav Zolotarev, the Board Director of ACEX is devoted to the experience of development and practical application of blockchain technologies in logistics and supply chains.

Among the key points of the report there are:

  • Smart contracts
  • Freight payment
  • Asset maintenance and ownership history
  • Gray trailer pools
  • Transparency and chain of custody of freight.

ACEX plans to encourage its members to develop their own applications and share those concepts with other Alliance members. If you have an idea of an issue that blockchain technology can help solve, please tell us.

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