ACEX Became an Official Operator of the Eurasian Conference at the CCI RF

ACEX Alliance became an official operator of the VI Eurasian logistics conference “Trans-EuroAsian Logistics Platform: Practices, Products and Markets” which took place on March 24. 2016 (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, Ilyinka str. 6/1). 

The conference was attended by over 450 Russian businessmen, exporters, logistics companies, representatives of the regional authorities. The conference program consisted of plenary meeting and eight expert discussions where the where the specialized matters were discussed in details. The event was organized by the Logistics committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia with the support of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The conference was attended by the representatives of the business world, expert community, ministries and government departments of the Russian Federation, international organizations (UNEC, EEU, CCPIT, IRU), experts from Austria, Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, UAE, Switzerland.  

The first Russian worldwide logistics alliance ACEX became an official operator of the conference.

The core issues of the event were to discuss and make practical offer how to establish trans-logistics partnership at the inter-industry, regional/inter-regional and global levels with the purpose to attract the Russian companies for participation in the integrated supply chains and value adding. 

Oleg Dunaev, the Chairman of the Logistics Committee of the CCI of Russia, informed that it is necessary to form up manufacturing networks competently – we cannot perform without well-functioning logistics, especially within the frameworks of the “Silk road”. He reminded of the industry problems: absence of clear and established system of cooperation between the participants of the logistics market; preservation of uneven development of transport and logistics infrastructure by regions and means of transport, by components of trade logistics; lack of development of markets of logistics services. Consequently, it is necessary to find ways how to realize potential of the logistics just as technology of management of network cooperation permitting to get additional profit and decrease aggregated costs of the participants of network cooperation.  

According to Oleg Dunaev, for realization of the logistics potential and the increase of its considerable efficiency it is worth working out the strategy of development of national logistics platform. It is necessary to launch projects for development of all directions of trans-logistics platform: airfreight trans-logistics platform; academic logistics platform of integrated educational process for training of skilled workers for logistics industry; trans-logistics platform for e-commerce; territorial logistics platforms: integrated logistics of Moscow agglomeration; Siberian trans-logistics platform: formation and development for maintenance of re-industrialization of the region of interregional logistics centers (big cities, agglomerations). It is also important to improve efficiency of logistics kinds of activity, development of new key company competences in the logistics industry, formation of new logistics products and solutions, creation of logistics partnerships.

ACEX Alliance conducted the expert discussion within the framework of the conference: “Logistics and EuroAsian Air Transportation Links”. The moderators of the discussion were Oleg Dunaev and Miroslav Zolotarev. Following the results of the discussion the moderators proposed a resolution about introduction of management decisions in the development of airfreight transport potential of Russia, consideration of projects in the field of minimization of aggregated costs of the clients, airlines, airports, logistics companies on the basis of network cooperation.

The participants of the debates: 

  • Khaled Ouabed,  the Commercial manager for Russia and the CIS, AIRFRANCE-KLM CARGO
  • Varvara Britaeva, Marketing director, “AirBridgeCargo”;

  • Elena Konkina, the Commercial director, “Moscow-Cargo”, airport Sheremetyevo;

  • Oleg Korolev, the Director, Cargo Department, Aeroflot Russian Airlines

  • Maxim Sychev, the Commercial director; Vnukovo-Cargo, airport Vnukovo;

  • Oleg Makushkin, the Sales director for Russia and the CIS, AirBridgeCargo;  

  • Boris Karpovich, the Deputy CEO, Association of Air Transport Operators;

  • Gennadiy Zubakov, the Member of the Logistics committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia.   

The expert discussion was attended by approximately 70 experts of air transport industry, cargo owners, Mass media representatives, the alliance partners.    

Evaluating cooperation within the framework of the platform, Miroslav Zolotarev draw attention to the fact that the airports and cargo terminals should take into consideration the demands of cargo owners and freight forwarders while projects realization; airfreight logistics is not just relations between airlines and cargo terminals but it also involves relations between them and freight forwarders, customs brokers, logistics companies, and, first of all, cargo owners, in the interest of which the network cooperation is established with the mutual benefit and respect of mutual dignity and interests.       

The next step towards introduction of practical business solutions and ideas highlighted at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on March 24 will be the Eurasian Transport Summit on April 21-23. The participants of this event will be able to take part in the capacity of the experts and discuss issues of cooperation between the Russian and foreign companies.   

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