ACEX will Become Partner of XX Moscow International Logistics Forum

The forum has become a place for traditional annual meetings of professionals in the field of logistics, supply chain management, purchases, transportation, customs, insurance, warehousing, distribution, information technologies, and also owners and top managers of the companies. The last achievements of logistics business, modern decisions in the field of logistics and supply chain management, the practice and development prospect of logistics systems are discussed.

Miroslav Zolotarev.jpgIt became a tradition of the first Russian worldwide logistics alliance ACEX (Associated Cargo Experts) to participate in MMLF.  It was MMLF where the first presentation of ACEX for the Russian and international forwarders was held. This year Miroslav Zolotarev, the chairman of ACEX Alliance, will also take part in the business program of the forum.  

Jos Marinus, the president of the European Logsitics Association, VIB (Belgian logistics association), will open the program with the report on the topic: “How can the supply chain create value for your company in the near decade?”

“Using the example of Danone you will see how knowing total value it can be possible to optimize costs jointly with your suppliers, clients and other players of the supply chain,” - informed Jos Marinus. – “At the same time the level of services can be preserved or even improved and the supply chain will become more stable,”

The European logistics association has been supporting the forum for already several years what proves MMLF status.

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