ACEX Members Participate in Annual WFA Conference

The annual World Freight Alliance (WFA) conference took place in Saigon on October, 23 – 27. More than 50 top-managers of companies from all around the world visited Ho Chi Minh last week.

ACEX Group has been a representative of Russia, Ukraine, the Baltics in WFA since 2005.This time ACEX representative visited the event and participated in the business negotiations that lasted 3 days.

ASE Air Sea (Taiwan) and Fans Trans (China) were among the conference participants as well. It has been many years since they have become the members of both WFA and ACEX alliances.

Among the conference participants there are companies from all around the globe such as ARAMEX (UAE), QCS (Germany), Ziegler (Netherlands), Clasquin (France) and many others that have been the participants of the events organized by the ACEX Alliance in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

WFA 2018

The conference agenda included trainings on the business process management as well.

On the first day of training the consultant spoke about the advantages and methods of customer classification based not on the scale or business but on their behavior, priorities and attitude towards innovations. The second day of trainings was related to hands-on practice when all of the participants were divided into teams and they were supposed to develop a list of activities for successful business development.

Among the main directions for business development was the need for IT implementation into the business process operation, cost optimization by the means of increase in the volume of transportation that implies more favorable rates and the reduction of bank expenditures.

A lot of attention was paid to Africa, a lot of companies are planning to launch their offices in the Central Africa others are planning the search of partners in the region.

Traditionally bilateral negotiations between new WFA members and the existing ones have become an integral part of the annual meeting.

The participants discussed the current projects and a possible involvement of ACEX into new international business projects.

Evgeniya Vidulina “As a forwarders’ association WFA has a very friendly atmosphere due to high level of exclusiveness. Its members have been working together for many years,” Evgeniya Vidulina, global network coordinator. “The association is characterized as a trusted and reliable organization, all of the members can openly speak about its needs, strong and weak points, and plan the development of the new instruments that can strengthen the market position. Probably these are the key factors that helped WFA to receive the status of “Best in Class” according to the Global Institute of Logistics”.

ACEX and WFA have been partners for 12 years now and it is inviting all of its partners to participate in the future events.


World Freight Alliance is the largest international network, established in 2003, covering more than 100 countries around the world with annual freight turnover over 422 million kg and 688,000 TEUs per year. It has modern warehouses with total area of 3,065,700 m2, over 700 offices worldwide, including 59 of 60 largest countries producing 97% of GDP.

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