ACEX Opens the Doors for Young Professionals

In the first days of July, Anastasia Lukynyuk, a student of the 2nd year of the Russian University of Transport applied to our company for the practical training.

The choice was made not by chance. Student internships in ACEX have already become the regularity. In addition, most of young interns come to our company after their studies for the permanent employment.

"During the TransRussia-2018 International Exhibition for Transport and Logistics Services and Technologies, my course mates drew attention to the ACEX stand and met Deputy Business Development Director Alexandra Chagina, who talked with such pleasure about her work that we could not pass by. After reviewing the official website, I realized that ACEX is ideal company for me to practice,"- Anastasia Lukynyuk shared her impression.

ACEX открывает двери молодым специалистам ACEX открывает двери молодым специалистам

According to Irina Muryleva, the main curator of the practical training of students, the main task for the student is the acquisition of practical skills. Working with Anastasia was based on practical exercises. In the Department of Air Transportation Anastasia received an introductory course on transportation of goods, met with Incoterms 2010 and learned how to fill out transport documents. Communication with partners and the formation of sales tariffs for customers helped her to know more about the logistics, see how the process is built and who is involved in the supply chain.

ACEX открывает двери молодым специалистам ACEX открывает двери молодым специалистам

"Our company allows students to practice in several departments, which allows the young professional to plunge into the logistics with a head. You ask why? The fact is that the term logistics is very broad, there are a lot of kinds: warehousing, transport logistics, etc. You need to try to work in each area at the stage of training to understand which direction is close to you. And we, for our part, will provide all conditions for this,"- says Alexandra Chagina.

Anastasia spent 4 weeks with the ACEX team. Of course, it is difficult to embrace all the logistics during this time, but it was enough for ACEX professionals to interest the younger generation and "turn" the student into the faith of logisticians.

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