ACEX Alliance and Supply Chain Professional Board Discussed Blockchain Technologies

The attendees of the meeting decided to check the level of development of the technology in relation to the logistics and supply chain management and the decisions offered by the Russian market.

According to experts logistics is the sphere where blockchain technologies will be used in the first place since the process of transportation organization involve various independent participants joint by one project.

The blockchain technology is a well-structured base of the distributed data with certain rules of transaction chain formation and access to the information that excludes data theft, fraud and violation of property rights.  The technology appeared relatively not so long time ago. 

The blockchain technology is being actively analyzed in the world mainly by the financial organizations that form consortiums; the attention to the technology is paid at the higher levels of the government authorities. A model of standardization and license aimed at definition of the scope of responsibility is being gradually developed for the digital economy of Russia. In June 2017 Vladimir Putin was presented with a program where the Ministry of Communications and Ministry of Economic Development defined the key directions of the development and application of the blockchain technologies in the sphere of state administration and country economy control. According to the program the use of decentralized database formation technologies will be provided by 2019 on the legal basis. 

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Dmitriy Belousov, director of Blockchain Technology Development Center Merphius at the National Research Nuclear University, Viktor Kuryashkin, IT-systems architect at BIA-Technologie, Kirill Vybornov, an expert at blockchain education track at Cyber Russia, Alexey Smirnov, Integrated solutions director, at KROK and other experts and representatives of the service and logistic companies as well as freight owners that are interested in the technologies (Megafon, MTS, Azbuka Vkusa, SIBUR, Royal Fruit, Okay, DAF and others) were among the participants.

The participants got acquainted with the notion of smart-contract, the existing projects based on blockchain technologies at the market and a world of cryptocurrency and market trends.

According to ACEX Board Director Miroslav Zolotarev a new technology can be applied in the sphere of management of decentralized databases between the service companies and freight owners, help cargo to move towards the supply chain on transparent and safe terms since that conditions underlie the blockchain technology. 

Vyacheslav Burkov, director of contractual logistics department at UPS Chain Solutions, Pavel Zelyukin, director of corporate projects at Deloviye Linii, Anatoliy Zolotarevskiy, first deputy director at Eltrans Plus, Alexey Najar, general director at Free Lines Company expressed their expert opinions as well.

According to Yrysbek Tashbaev, an organizer of the round table, it is required to understand the need and application of the technology.

Following the results of the round table the participants came to an agreement to further analyze the blockchain technologies applied in logistics and invite additional experts and interested developers. 

Совет профессионалов

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