ACEX and Ural Logistcs Association have Agreed on Cooperation

On October 5, the “Ural Logistics Association” and the first Russian worldwide logistics alliance ACEX signed a Partnership agreement.

Within the cooperation frameworks the Alliance and the Association will:

  • Support business activity for members and partners of the Alliance and the Association
  • Promote innovation technologies and service standards in the field of transport and logistics services
  • Represent interests of the Russian business community in the international unions, associations and other non-governmental organizations,
  • Give recommendations for participation in the working groups, assessment committees, coordination and expert councils working on the transport and logistics services, customs industry and other related sectors of economy.

The parties also agreed on participation in joint events and their organization, attraction of members and experts of the Alliance and the Association to joint projects connected with the logistics supply chain formation.

Сергей Шавзис«“At all the times the winners in the competitive struggle have been those possessing knowledge and competence,” considers Sergey Shavzis, the president of the “Ural Logistics Association”, “Non-commercial organizations (associations, alliances, unions) are the locus of concentration for the competence and knowledge of their members. Cooperation of non-commercial organizations is the shortest way for the participants to obtain new knowledge at the account of different forms of communication and cooperation available at present times. I am sure that cooperation between the ACEX Alliance and the “Ural Logistics Association” will help the participants to face the future with confidence,” resumes Sergey Shavzis.

On November 10 Miroslav Zolotarev, the head of ACEX Alliance, will participate in the discussion “Future of container transportations. Integration of Ural in the world container space” within the framework of business program at the exhibition TransUral 2015, organized by the “Ural Logistics Association”.

The participants will discuss prospects for development of container trains, infrastructure of container traffic, matters of legislation control, as well as other issues. The event will be good start for cooperation between two organizations.

The members and partners of the “Ural Logistics Association” are invited for the 3rd international ACEX conference in April, 2016 in Moscow.

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