ACEX Alliance Meeting in Moscow Office Turned to Dialogue Mode

Representatives of PSG (Kazan), ACEX Estonia (Tallinn), CARGO-EXPRESS (Moscow), Air Charter Service (Moscow representative office), the Agency of Customs Logistics (Samara region), Bureau Perevozok (Rostov-on-Don), SLS Agency (Saint Petersburg), NOVOTEC Plus (Novorossiysk), Optima Freight (Helsinki), LANKS (Voronezh), Forward Trans (Nizhny Novgorod) took part in the event.

The participants discussed the following questions:

  • alliance activities in 2015 - 2016 and plans of development for the next years;

  • marketing work with alliance members and presence at media;

  • participation in the events and expositions;

  • questions and principles of joint operations activities.

During the event the companies’ heads provided their opportunities and new business services, presented the most interesting business cases.

Совещание 12.10.2016 Совещание 12.10.2016

Dmitry Nikulin (Air Charter Service) presented the company new service – On Board Courier assuming the person accompanying freight aboard in case of urgent small shipping. Such service is also used by specialists of the Agency of customs logistics in need of an urgent delivery of missing materials for project implementation.

Andrey Andreyev (LANKS) spoke on the developed courier delivery service in Russia which is successfully functioning in Moscow and other regions, created and implemented in his company, about the system of bar-coding allowing to sort and quickly distribute consignees’ parcels. LANKS represents in-Russian service of a courier delivery of freights which can be useful to the alliance members involved in international freight forwarding, rendering service of "the last mile" after customs clearance process.

Andrey Smirnov (ACL) gave coverage to specifics of the company business as specialists in outsourcing of international economic activity, having provided the most difficult and interesting business cases illustrating ample opportunities in this sphere among which export delivery of previously used production line of a unwoven cloth purchased in Russia by the foreign buyer on the terms of delivery EXW, delivery of import goods from the Czech Republic and Korea for trading company in Russia and coordination of foreign economic activity of auto components producers to the Russian Federation.

Alexey Lipatov, the head of CARGO-EXPRESS multimodal department, described transportation of spare parts and the equipment from China to Russia by railway as appropriate way of delivery as sea freight occupies a large number of time and aviation transportation has high cost value. ATL and CARGO-EXPRESS agreed to begin a cooperation in this direction. Joint projects of CARGO-EXPRESS and ACEX Estonia have a long-term character. Colleagues from Tallinn and Moscow successfully accomplish FCL transportation from China, the USA and India to Russia via Estonia.

Evgeny Apasov (SLS Agency) noted a possible cooperation with Tallinn office, offering SLS local service to clients in the port of St. Petersburg for the cargo processed by ACEX Estonia. Evgeny Apasov had several joint projects with alliance members and notes that the main principle of his work are order and sequence of actions.

The possibility of transportation of consolidated goods through single operators in the Baltics was discussed at the meeting. Such project of interaction is interesting for CARGO-EXPRESS, Forward Trans, PSG, ACL, SLS.

The meeting became a live discussion of the designated problems. Participants obtained information on the existing experience of each partner and his strongest benefits and will be able to use this knowledge further in the course of new logistic projects’ organization.

Maria Moskvicheva (Bureau Perevozok) is ready to expand the company possibilities, including sea freight, offering joint consolidation of freights, uniting possibilities of all alliance members. Ayrat Bilalov (PSG) suggested exchanging rates in their best directions to all alliance members interested in sea freight and supported Maria's idea about creation of consolidations through cross-booking and receipt of bigger preferences from shipping lines.

Ayrat Bilalov also told about the idea of creation of Novorossiysk office and its implementation which was realized with the assistance of the representative from Novorossiysk who recently entered ACEX – NOVOTEC plus.

Sergey Marchenko (NOVOTEC Plus) participated in joint ACEX meeting for the first time and briefly provided the principles of their company work, having agreed with the need of use of experience of each other for high-quality service provision to the client. NOVOTEC plus also has experience of interaction with other alliance members on the example of joint projects with ACL.

The event participants paid attention to mutual assistance aspects in the alliance. Eduard Kyasnapuu (ACEX Estonia) expressed gratitude to the staff of PSG, Kazan, for the help in receipt of the surveyor report in Cheboksary.

Совещание 12.10.2016 Совещание 12.10.2016

Developing their own business, the companies having entered the alliance can offer full range of services to the final consumer. Therefore, interaction within Intranet was discussed – the specialized program created for consolidation of information and its distribution to competent representatives of alliance member companies which was presented by Miroslav Zolotarev, the board director of ACEX. The participants expressed wishes for the system optimization and offered to add the component allowing the companies to participate in tenders.

The companies brand promotion in media became one of discussion subjects. Nikita Kovalevsky (Optima Freight) designated the importance of this aspect of promotion of a brand and Ilya Kobzan (Forward-Trans) noted importance of presence not only in printing and the Internet resources, but also on radio and television. Nikita Kovalevsky proposed to discuss the important issue of reducing number of the Russian import from the countries of the Baltics and Europe, suggesting development of the Russian regional export, to look for the commodity market for the Russian production companies, giving support in execution of needed documentation for EU. Bureau Perevozok has several prospective clients who are engaged in products export and suggested ACL and PSG joining export of the equipment from the Southern Federal District to Eastern Europe project.

The choice of the new alliance board member became a final question of the agenda. Ayrat Bilalov (PSG, Kazan) was proposed as a candidate.

«Presence the companies’ heads at such meetings is very important as it allows to resolve the issues and to find interaction points quickly and without intermediaries as well as to avoid misunderstanding", states Miroslav Zolotarev, the Director of the Board.



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