АСЕХ Supported the Russian-Asian Dialogue at the Siberian Economic Forum 2018

The fifth anniversary Siberian Economic Forum completed its work. The forum participants — Russian leading experts and suppliers — created the best conditions for discussing and promoting joint ideas and projects. The delegation from Asia was represented by the leadership of 33 large companies importing Russian products.

Evgeny Rastopchin, the project manager of the ACEX Development Department made the presentation at one of the expert sessions, where participants discussed the exporters’ protection, and ​analyzed the main marketing mistakes. “Conditions for partnership and cooperation are extremely important for entering to the Chinese market and increasing export volumes,” Evgeny explained, “It is too costly and wasteful to act aloneACEX has been a partner of the Russian-Chinese Chamber for the Promotion of Trade in Mechanical Engineering and Innovation Products since January 2017. The Center of Multimodal Logistics has been established in the structure of the RCC based on the expertise and competencies of ACEX Alliance logistics companies and Chinese business associations.

 acex_d1-018.jpg АСЕХ Supported the Russian-Asian Dialogue at the Siberian Economic Forum 2018

ACEX also announced the main trends in the Chinese freight market, namely:

  1. Application of the Intergovernmental Agreement on International Road Transport between the Russian Federation and the PRC from 01/01/2019 on a regular basis.
  2. Growth of the transportation volume of consolidated cargo by auto and air transport.
  3. Increasing in export shipments by road and air transport from the Russian Federation to the PRC.
  4. The growing interest in comprehensive services: transportation + ​maintenance facilities + delivery to the door.
  5. The increasing of the technological goods’ traffic.

Participation in the business program of the forum in the format of direct communication between Russian and Asian entrepreneurs allowed ACEX to exchange the necessary contacts with the prospect of establishing a long-term partnership with Asian companies. In 2018, the forum theme was the same with ACEX aim to strengthen the Russian-Asian relations and encourages active action. And it sounds like this - “We are doing business with Asia!”

 a24c5b50-1e13-4e1c-9090-16ccdabe8290.jpg АСЕХ Supported the Russian-Asian Dialogue at the Siberian Economic Forum 2018

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