ACEX Partners and Members Presented Their IT Solutions at the Industry Events

Several significant events in the transport and logistics industry were held in Moscow on the 1st of November. ACEX representatives were invited to this event as speakers. Alliance members and partners took part in the 2nd International Forum on digital logistics and in the international forum “AUTONET-2018”.

ACEX Partners and Members Presented Their IT Solutions at the Industry Events

The forum “Digital Logistics as a Key Factor in the Growth of Non-Resource Goods Exports and Services exports” was organized by the International Association of Logistics Business IALBU, the Alliance partner. Pavel Weinstein, Deputy Director for Operations of the Free Lines Company, the Alliance member in Moscow, introduced the new company product to the participants. Digital logistics platform will optimize the process of international transportation for transport companies.

The main topics of the forum were:

  • integrated transport solutions for the learning of non-primary exports;
  • logistics of international trade and transport services;
  • digital innovations for the improvement of logistics infrastructure;
  • implementation of digital logistics systems;
  • development of smart transport management systems;
  • logistics optimization as a factor of ensuring the trade flows transparency in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union and others.

The event was organized with the support of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation; the Forum resolution was made as a result.

Digital logistics was also discussed at the 2nd international forum AUTONET-2018. TRASCO Logistics Company, the Alliance partner, told about the factors preventing the digitalization in freight transportation. Taras Koval, Deputy General Director for Government Relations, spoke about weight load and carrier liability, as well as insurance questions.

The participants’ presentations were devoted to information-navigation and monitoring systems, digital platforms for gathering, processing and analyzing data, self-driving and connected cars, last-mile logistics, V2X implementation possibilities, innovations in public transport, cargo transportation, warehouse logistics, and coming changes in transport legislation until 2020.

According to Taras Koval, the event was useful in the context of understanding the market position and the industry development direction. Based on the results of the Forum, an interview with Taras Koval was published in the media. Both events were widely informed in the press.

The Alliance has partnership agreements with various associations, communities and organizations In Russia and abroad: CCTT, MALBI, LAG, CCL, ULA, RILA, NAFL. ACEX is a member of the Logistics Subcommittees of the Committee on Transport and Forwarding of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Committee on International Cooperation of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), it is an accredited partner of the REC, and it heads the Multimodal Logistics Center of the Russian-Chinese Chamber for the Promotion of Machine-Technical and Innovative Products.

The Alliance allows its members to present their developments and share competencies with a wide professional audience in Russia and abroad.
These events are useful in terms of position consolidation of the Alliance companies in the transport and logistics services market, as well as raising their reputation in the professional community.

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