The Informal Program of the Conference Was Held "Aloft"

Welcome cocktail party in the top five-star hotel in Sochi, gala dinner in "Height", Arkadiy Novikov’s  seaside restaurant and the excursion to the highland attractions of the Olympic capital are the essential parts of the 4th international Conference of ACEX Alliance.

It was important to meet the participants from all over the world, some of whom even have made transatlantic flights to get to the Russian Olympic capital, with the maximum Russian hospitality.

The informal communication between top managers of the world famous companies is no less important than a busy business program of the event. On the terrace of the Radisson Paradise Hotel on the Black Sea coast, guests first met and exchanged handshakes, and multicultural communication ranged automatically from Russian to English. And despite the light rain, there was a friendly and warm atmosphere in the hall.

Неформальная программа конференции ACEX прошла на «ВЫСОТЕ» 

There was a busy business program for participants on the 15th of September, and then, in the evening, the partners were invited to dinner in one of the best restaurants in Sochi with the panoramic sea view.

When the contacts were already established on the 3rd day of the conference, the first projects were signed and arrangements for new cargo and delivery were held, time to study the beautiful Olympic city started.

 838C4FFF-B772-45A5-B045-0F0A03365F0B.jpg Неформальная программа конференции ACEX прошла на «ВЫСОТЕ»

The conference guests from Russian regions, as well as Nigeria, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Azerbaijan and other countries went to Krasnaya Polyana, the famous ski resort, and also checked their adrenaline’s level on the longest suspension bridge over the mountain abyss in Sky Park. The most daring participants of the excursion have made the extreme jump over the mountain river from a height of 200 meters.

D432F7A1-EDC7-41DF-9937-8EE447CD5308.jpg Неформальная программа конференции ACEX прошла на «ВЫСОТЕ»

At the end of the busy excursion’s day partners could walk around the Olympic park in the capital of   the 2014 Winter Olympics.

ACEX conference was an excellent opportunity for participants to combine business and leisure, many partners came to the conference with families and attended in the evening events with their second halves and a young generation of logisticians. 

It is the intrigue where the next ACEX conference will take place, we will know about it a little less than a year.

Неформальная программа конференции ACEX прошла на «ВЫСОТЕ»

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