Board Members Discussed the Alliance Development Strategy for the Next Year

The International Logistics ACEX Conference started from the Board Members meeting on September, 14.

The companies’ leaders that are included in ACEX Alliance took part in the meeting dedicated to the goals and development strategy for the next year.

Члены совета директоров обсудили стратегию развития Альянса на ближайший год  Члены совета директоров обсудили стратегию развития Альянса на ближайший год

The discussed topics were:

  • Integration and consolidation of the Alliance companies resources into the unite system for the customers attraction:

The Alliance members made the decision to hold joint client meetings with cargo owners both in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and at the regions’ enterprises that work with large federal companies.

  • Joint sales:

The aim of creation ACEX sales and business development departments was the attraction of cargo owners the services for whom can be provided by ACEX members in regions. The question of the creation of the customer service department for the interaction and requests’ processing of joint clients has been agreed since October 2018.

  • Database of non-target customers creation:

The resource will allow the Alliance partners to exchange non-targeted customer requests for their specialization. It was decided to organize a portal - the inquiries exchange that arrive in the sales departments of the Alliance member companies, and to combine them on the base of the ACEX IT product. Login to the system will be available only for the Alliance members through the personal office for each partner.

  • Creation of the competence base of the Alliance members companies:

It was decided to create a database that will contain the information about the key partners services for quickly finding of the necessary products of other Alliance members .

  • Organization of excursions to logistics objects and holding the joint business trainings:

The Board Members meeting of the ACEX Alliance is held annually to determine the goals and requirements of the Alliance members and it is aimed to development of the interaction within the organization.

Члены совета директоров обсудили стратегию развития Альянса на ближайший год

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