Open Up New Marketing Horizons with ACEX

One of new ACEX activities is winning new customers. Allianсе takes part in exhibitions and conferences, actively spreads the information through online and printing editions, signs partnership agreements with associations and different structures, and also uses multiple marketing tools to achieve these goals.

Opening new horizons

Is there any result, you may ask?

Currently several agreements have been signed with Alliance members from Moscow and Novorossiysk regions within the framework of Russian Export Center.

What steps have been already taken?

  • 26 agreements signing;
  • Negotiations with partners in order to consider a key service (Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Novorossiysk, Novosibirsk);
  • Work on the database of potential customers;
  • Development of relationships with potential customers within the framework of Russian Export Center and Russian-Chinese Chamber.


The great illustration of successful cooperation within current projects is real feedback concerning ACEX services. Such services are also offered on the website of Russian Export Center.  

“We have chosen the company among the reliable logistic suppliers of Russian Export Center. We appreciate the good quality and operational efficiency of services…” Dmitry Sladkov, export customers manager of Peroni Honey company says.

Opening new horizons

Marketing department is moving forward and offering marketing support of full cycle to Alliance members. Feel the difference in possibilities. 

  • Publishing of advertisement units and articles in corporate edition: over 3000 readers; publication at the biggest field exhibitions and significant Russian and worldwide logistic events; professional team of journalists, designers and correctors will compose the material properly.
  • Develop website or bring traffic to the existing one? Easily. Alliance team can give recommendations on improvement and can arrange comfortable and user friendly website.
  • Design and printing of any complexity from company style development to creation of advertisement videos. 
  • Static and gif-animated web banners will attract the potential target audience to your services. Two websites with company profile are available: www.acexgroup.netand, the attendance is 5000-8000 visitors per month. Social networks – more than 1000 followers – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

We use all possibilities for market promotion of the company in ACEX.  We have 8 years of marketing support and PR experience in logistics field. Alliance is the promotional tool at the market for all its members as ACEX includes the team of professionals in the regions and the field of activity. The value of competitiveness of all our members contributes to the value of Alliance and its customers.

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