Transportation in "Difficult" Direction

The coronavirus pandemic, as well as the riots in America, not only caused huge damage to the lives of the citizens, but also caused the disruption of international cargo flights.


Why is the Export of Groupage Cargo more Popular than Air Freight?

Today, in logistics, the service for export transportation of groupage cargo by various modes of transport is becoming more popular


Let’s Fly to India

Quarantine measures for air cargo transportation from/to India are becoming more "gentle".


Vietnam – Vorsino – Customs Warehouse

ACEX offers to choose the company’s current offer and order the railway transportation of full containers from Vietnam by accelerated trains through the Vorsino station to temporary customs warehouses and free economic zones in the Russian Federation.


"Chinese" transportation via Vorsino with ACEX

ACEX offers a service for railway transportation of combined and full containers from China by accelerated trains through the Vorsino station to internal SVH and FEZ in the Russian Federation.


ACEX Helps to Identify the Infected with COVID-19

The company is engaged in transportation of x-ray machines and other medical equipment that are necessary to fight the pandemic.


Proton-Electrotex Chooses ACEX

ACEX representatives have been actively involved for 16 years and help resolve emerging logistics challenges.


Alternative to High Rates and Queues

Today, ACEX experts tell about the main changes in logistics and advise the best way of transportation in the global crisis.

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