What do we demand from ACEX Alliance members?

ACEX members are logistic companies, cargo terminals, warehouse complexes with good market reputation, successful project cases and partners recommendations. We carefully choose each member of ACEX Alliance as the main office of ACEX is responsible by its reputation and finance for all its members. Alliance constitutes a corporate commercial structure where participants are reliable in exact field and region companies.

How to avoid the competitiveness among the companies inside Alliance?

ACEX adheres to the principle of uniqueness of region, country and key service of the partner. By synergy among the participants a global brand is created, that’s why medium-sized companies not international corporations are among Alliance members. The companies are selected depending on region, country and services. Each company has its own key competence and develops it, all other services can be executed with the help of Alliance members on the principle of outsourcing without any client leakage. The quantity of companies in the Alliance is limited. Alliance is also responsible for promotion of exact companies: advertisement, publications, releases in Russian Federation and abroad, it also conducts central sale of services and attracts clients.

What is the membership fee and the legal document for membership?

The members act on behalf of the agreement, on conditions of which they receive the updated profile of their company on website (mini-site), Media and searching systems promotion, regular publications and mailing through the field base of more than 3000 contacts, advertisement and marketing set of services, also they get the flow of client lids.

What is the statistics of the quantity of requests at regions?

CRM requests are spread like lids on the basis of general system. The work on lids attraction is carried out through centralized sales, advertisement of certain services, detailed study of bases by commercial department of ACEX. Different regions of Russia are studied: Moscow, Novosibirsk, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novorossiysk and others. The set of services of each member of Alliance is defined for effective generation of lids and the promotion and sales are started. The sales for each member of Alliance are started not only among Russian forwarders, but also among foreign partners. This is a task of marketing and business development departments.

What is the principle of cooperation between Alliance members?

Press the button “to become a member” here to start cooperation and fill in the application form. The application form is considered and in case of approval by all active Alliance members the advertisement and marketing agreement is signed.

What is the interest of participation in Alliance as in the consortium with central system of sales and work with clients?

Alliance is acting according to franchise agreement on the conditions of which small and medium-sized companies can save their identity, independence and business autonomy. Meanwhile clients of each of Alliance members can work with one famous international brand. Consortium is the format of business, when it is possible to avoid globalization and absorption and safe your independence.

What is ACEX model of business?

The model of business is marketing franchise with independent financial and operational management by each partner, with common marketing and advertisement, equal brand and positioning. Common system of sales and CRM constantly develops and becomes more complex. Also in this model of business franchiser gives financial guaranties to the partners.

What are the conditions and the result of partnership?

The cost of marketing set is 100 Euro per month. Alliance is interested in business development of its members, not only in development of Alliance as a group itself. Marketing set means the creation of the company profile on the website, regular creation and allocation of news and press-releases, the work with spread base of special printing and online Media, regular mailing over field base of freight forwarders – production and retail companies, logistics specialists. Preferential conditions of participation in all international and domestic logistics events and also in Alliance annual conference with international partners are offered for all Alliance members. Alliance issues its own monthly corporate newspaper, which is distributed at exhibitions and events.

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