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more than 200 participants in conferences of 2014-2018 years
Opportunity to visit 2 European capitals
Tallinn sightseeing tour and a rich business program

The 5th International Conference Of The Logistics Alliance Associated Cargo Experts (Acex)

The 5th International ACEX Conference was held on a unique sea cruise ferry for 24 hours from Helsinki to Tallinn and return Helsinki from 6 to 7 September.

A conference gala dinner was held on September 6 at 8:00 pm on the Tallink Silya Europe cruise ferry, where representatives of various transport companies of the world met and discussed various business opportunities in an informal setting. On September 7, participants arrived in Tallinn, where they could visit the main attractions of the Estonian capital. Immediately thereafter, on board Tallink Silya Europe, a conference business program took place during 4 hours.


As a participant of 5th international acex conference you could:

  • Find new partners in Europe, Asia, America and the CIS countries
  • Obtain interesting business projects in different regions of the continent
  • Meet in one place with the transport companies from different countries of the world
  • Meet with the top-managers and decision makers of the leading international companies during the informal events on Tallink Silja Europa Cruise Ferry
  • Visit the main attractions of the Estonian capital, located on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland

5th international acex conference was:

  • 217 companies participating in conferences of 2014-2017-2018-2019 years
  • More than 500 active partner companies from around the world
  • Companies from Russia, USA, UAE, Japan, China, Italy, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bangladesh and many other countries are interested in the development of joint business with Russia
  • Opportunity to combine business negotiations with informal "no tie" between the first persons the companies on the unique Sea Cruise Ferry

Following issues were discussed:

  • progress in the joint projects' implementation of the Alliance participants after the conference in Sochi, the announcement of new initiatives
  • consolidation of the railway line from China to Moscow and formation of the ACEX Alliance train with the involvement of the Chinese partner as an operator
  • consolidation of cargoes across Europe to Vilnius and Minsk, formation of common Assembly lines of the Alliance from each European country
  • creation of a requests portal for processing by Alliance members/ exchange of potential customers' contact databases for more rapid processing and effective attraction

The ACEX conference in different years was held in the largest cities of Russia - Sochi, Moscow and St. Petersburg, attracting several hundred foreign participants interested in joint projects and collaboration. The event annually brings together top managers of logistics companies from various cities of Russia, China, Japan, Turkey, the USA, Azerbaijan, Finland, the Netherland, Germany, Taiwan, Lithuania and other countries of the world to discuss business projects in the field of international logistics.

Fill in the REGISTRATION FORM for participation with the discount as ACEX partner.

17:30-20:00 Onboard Conference opening, partners presentations
start: 6 sep 17:30
place of departure / arrival: Helsinki, West Terminal 1
meeting place: Tallink Silja Europe
dinner-banquet on board
From 20:00 Dinner Banquet on board
From 21:00 Rich night program on board
9:00–11:00 Tallinn sightseeing tour
11:30 Group Photo
12:00–16:00 Conference on Board


The joint turnover of ACEX Alliance members is more than 10 billion US dollars. The participants of the сonference were represented in all the basic logistics business centers of the world which allowed to build joint supply chains from different regions between the members. Every conference participant had an opportunity to get the knowledge of the peculiarities of the local market, customs features and legislature and to get new business.


  • Steven Alves
    Steven Alves GFFG (United States)

    "The main advantage of this event is the possibility of international partnership. Building such business relationships that you can trust your business. This is important."

  • Andrey Baranov
    Andrey Baranov Fans Trans (China)

    "The conference is an occasion to get all the managers out of their seats and meet to discuss and work out the key issues in face-to-face format, an opportunity to switch and look at the issues from a different angle."

  • Denis Bobrakov
    Denis Bobrakov Black Sea Shipping (Russia)

    noticed: "The Conference provides an opportunity to get acquainted personally with the forwarders of different regions, with whom we have been actively working for many years. Besides, I came to the Conference to find new agents. Because new partners are new in order to become old one day." 

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