2 pm - 6 pm ACEX Board of directors meeting
7.00 pm Welcome cocktail reception for all participants
9.00 am - 9.15 am Welcome coffee break
9.15 am - 1.30 pm Round table discussion
1.30 pm - 2.30 pm Lunch break
2.30 pm - 6.00 pm Face-to-face meetings of the participants
7.00 pm - 11.00 pm Dinner
Excursions in Olympic Sochi and Krasnaya polyana



The agenda was at the practical tasks discussion that had a direct effect on the companies’ profit. The owners of logistic companies from Russia, the Baltic States, China, the USA, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, India and other regions of the world discussed and started cooperation on the following projects in the Russian market: 

  • Consolidated  cargo flow,  aircargo consolidation from China and the USA to Russia
  • Sea freight consolidation in the USA, China and Asia
  • LTL service from Europe to Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan via hubs in the Baltic countries, Finland, Poland and Germany
  • Development of container shipping from Southeast Asia to Russia through the ports of the Black and Baltic Seas, joint projects;
  • Business development, joint products and sales of services by partners in different countries and regions
  • Customer service in the global market of logistics services, international practices and approaches
  • Digitalization of procedures using modern technologies and international platforms and IT solutions
  • Express delivery technology, last mile, making practice in Russia and the world, the interaction of the operators in different countries;
  • railway transportation of consolidated cargo from China to Moscow and St. Petersburg through Zabaikalsk, Kazakhstan, the Far East, the Baltics, problems, routes, solutions.

Decisions on each topic were discussed within the framework of round tables in small groups.

Participants shared their experience and vision, discussed the possibilities of cooperation. The conference continued with face-to-face meetings on specific business tasks between the participants with the possibility to start cooperation on some projects. 

The participants of the conference indicated in advance the interesting topics for them аnd declared their desire to act as a moderator of small groups.


Digital Logistics Platform. Presentation of a new product to ACEX members and partners.

The platform presented opportunities for forwarding and logistics companies:

  • Active business management, advantages over classic message boards, aggregators of carrier services and "Cargo Uber"
  • Better position on the global transport logistics market and interaction with leading foreign partners and counterparties
  • Effective competition with transnational transport and logistics companies
  • Filling in existing gaps in the service supply from digital transport logistics platforms between delivery service providers on demand and long-term transportation contracts
  • Introduction of practical issues of network interaction digitalization in supply chains, joint projects with retailers, manufacturers, suppliers of transport and logistics services and other participants in supply chains, including blockchain technologies


Informal communication and excursions were organized for the conference participants - top managers of the worldwide companies.

  • Dinner at the panoramic terrace with the Black Sea view (included in the delegate price)
  • Excursions in Olympic Sochi, Krasnaya polyana and Skypark
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