How to Grow in the International Market?

Today, the Kingdom of Bahrain is seen as a great start for international business, and that's why:

  • 0% income tax;
  • Compensation of all business expenses up to 50%;
  • Support of foreign entrepreneurs.

ACEX is a partner of the Bahrain EasyHome team's business mission from May 27 to 31 and invites entrepreneurs to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the country and see all the advantages of choosing Bahrain.


The business mission to Bahrain is a special trip for entrepreneurs who want to make their business global, as well as find a safe second home. The Kingdom of Bahrain is the best country to start an international business. This is the state where Russian businessmen are welcome, tax costs are reduced and it is warm here in winter.

The format of the "Business Mission” is a departure for entrepreneurs who have already achieved success in Russia and are looking for access to the international market.



  • get to know Bahrain, feel the comfort, security and high quality of life in the country;
  • learn about the specifics of doing business and unique opportunities in the fields of fintech, IT, manufacturing, logistics and tourism;
  • evaluate government programs to support foreign entrepreneurs;
  • meet with businessmen who have chosen Bahrain as the headquarters for their companies;
  • get advice on opening a company, obtaining a residence permit, opening accounts, as well as about the possibilities of the real estate market;
  • discuss your projects with like-minded people and find partners.


5 reasons to choose Bahrain:

  • 1. Bahrain ranks first in terms of international trade and logistics opportunities among the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. It has a free trade agreement (including with the USA) with 22 countries;
  • Direct access to the Saudi Arabian market. Expressway connecting Bahrain with the largest cities (a total of more than 10 million people within a radius of 1.5 hours);
  • Transport and logistics hub from the airport, seaport assembled in one place. In 3 hours from the moment your cargo arrives at the port, it can be repacked and loaded onto the plane;
  • 4. The ability to save up to 50% on operating costs when doing business (compared to neighboring countries);
  • 5. The modern banking system is friendly to fintech and crypto startups, which confirms the opening of the Binance crypto exchange office in Bahrain in 2022.

Program of Business Mission to Bahrain

Country: Bahrain
City: Manama
Dates: May 27 – 31


Dinner-acquaintance of all participants

Культурная программа

Excursion program accompanied by a professional guide and translator

Деловая программа

Individual business program for each participant in accordance with the profile of his business and request: visiting offices, coworking, production sites or land plots for production


Meeting with relevant EDB Committees



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