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The modern society cannot be imagined without gadgets and various applications for them. The newest devices combined everything that helps a person in various spheres of his life: phone, messenger, payment systems, navigators, delivery services and so on. Let's find out which applications are in the Must have list of our colleagues. PEPSI is a choice of a new generation, stated in the well-known advertisement, but what will the generation ACEX choose

бобраков - копия.PNG Denis Bobrakov, the commercial director of ACEX Novorossiysk, chooses Marine Traffic

An excellent application for logisticians, with which you can track any cargo vessel. The sea lines websites provide only indicative information; Marine Traffic is a convenient, fast, and exact variant to trace the route of the vessel for our company. Whether the ship is on the roads, or it is on the way, or it is already at the pier - all this information is easily tracked in the application Marine Traffic.

москвичева - копия.PNG

Maria Moskvicheva, the general director, ACEX Rostov-on-Don chooses WhatsApp.

Unanimously and unconditionally, WhatsApp is the most convenient, easy to use in communication. This is the application for messaging and voice calls, which allows you to communicate with family and friends in different countries. It is the cross functional communication application for sending text messages (SMS / MMS), voice and video calls, moments and photos.

леонтьевский - копия.PNG Alexander Leontievsky, the expert of multimodal department, ACEX Moscow chooses Google Keep

Convenient application for creating notes. Write down ideas and plans, make lists of purchases and receive reminders. You can photograph a poster, recipe or document so that you can quickly find a picture in Google Keep. And if your hands are busy, create a voice note and it automatically converts to text.

And some more recommendations:

  • Auto dialing of the text and word replacement in Everylang
  • Software reduction of the monitor's color temperature with Flux.
  • Screenshots with SSmaker.
  • Mini Photoshop in

растопчие - копия.PNG Evgeny Rastopchin, project manager of ACEX development department chooses Anywayanyday

Anywayanyday is an opportunity to find the information about airlines quickly. The application helps to search for tickets among 800 airlines, such as Aeroflot, S7, Pobeda, Utair and many others, and even flights of budget air transportation (low-costers). It helps in the work, because you quickly get a list of possible airlines on a given route, and then compare their tariffs for the organization of cargo transportations.

And it is also useful:

  • WhatsApp, Viber and Skype for communication
  • LinkedIn and Facebook for business contacts
  • Card Reader and Notebloc for storing business cards

крепкова - копия.PNG Ekaterina Krepkova, the operative manager, ACEX Azerbaijan chooses Snapseed

is a professional photo editor that has been developed by Google. Today, the phone is an excellent replacement for the camera, making the photos so clear and vivid. Its advantages include not only 29 tools and filters, the ability to open both JPG- and DNG-files, a selective correction brush, but also the simplicity and ease of use. It is the ‘’Must have’’ for bright summer photos.

Снимок - копия.PNG Dmitry Sorokin, chief sales officer of Narva Logistics, ACEX Estonia chooses Waze

Waze is a GPS navigation software that works on smartphones and tablets with GPS support that allows you to track the situation on the roads in real time, plot optimal routes, learn about the location of speed radars, get the information and warn other users about changing road conditions, obstacles, police, to communicate with other users on the map. One of the advantages of this application is that Maps in Waze are created by the users themselves.

баранов - копия.PNG Andrey Baranov, the business development manager, ACEX China chooses Airport ID

The application Airport ID helps to search and define airports from around the world by IATA codes. Thanks to the application it becomes possible: to find more than 7000 airports per second, view the information on Wikipedia, use it to search for geolocation in Google Maps. Excellent application, especially for transport companies!

баранова - копия.PNG Elena Baranova, the deputy marketing director, ACEX Moscow chooses Facebook Pages Manager

It is often necessary for me to post the company news on the Facebook quickly. But there is not always a possibility to use a PC or a tablet, that’s why I add photos and posts using my phone, in any place where there is Internet. But this is quite a problem to do it with the help of the personal account in the Facebook mobile application, so the Facebook Pages Manager is very handy. Shows statistics, allows you to respond to customer reports in time, and also make posts, reposts and even shoot live broadcasts quickly. It is ‘’a must have’’ for PR manager or SMM-marketer.

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