To Take an Air-freighter or to Book a Charter. That is the Question

The most part of cargo is transported on regular passenger-and-freight flights. Airliners are divided to narrow body, wide body, cargo and charters. But there are conditions under which use of the passenger plane isn't possible.

137.jpgThe sizes of goods define the choice of type of transport, and experts pay attention first of all to freight height. "Passenger boards are capable to accept freights in height no more than 160 cm,the head of ACEX airfreight department Yulia Zaychikova comments. “Of course, length also matters, but there is an opportunity to place the cargo to the longest part of the fuselage for the cargo with a big length therefore first of all we look at the height."

  Dimensions of the cargo of 600*244*260 cm have defined the choice of cargo flight and also have limited the choice of the airlines capable to transport the 10ton equipment in short terms. Having counted all expenses, experts of ACEX airfreight department have chosen a route with several changes: Moscow – Maastricht – Baku - Chicago.

10.jpg The cargo having size of a 20th foot container had to go from Oktyabrsk, the Republic of Bashkortostan to Miami. The request came from ACEX partner Hankyu Hanshin Express. The transportation turned out to be multimodal. All the departments were engaged into the project. The department of domestic transportations brought the cargo from Oktyabrsk to Moscow. "As the equipment has frame structure, emptiness was filled with plywood and was loaded to container, the expert of ACEX airfreight department Yury Orlov tells. Customs clearance department in Moscow handled the equipment on the terminal where on July 8 after "passport control" it has risen into the sky in the direction of Baku via Maastricht.

«Sky Gates and Silkway Airlines gave the places for loading. It was difficult to find the slot because of the cargo size that is why the cargo was sent to Baku on July 8, and it was supposed to be sent to the plane going to Chicago on July 19,” Yulia Zaychikova tells.

After arrival to Baky ACEX experts found the direct flight to Miami so there was no need in road transportation. The total transit time was about a week – 5 days exactly that can seem long for an airfreight but very impressive in comparison with the sea freight.


What Alternatives we Have?

_OV_0503.jpg Only a charter. «The advantages are obvious, » agency network coordinator Evgenya Vidulina comments. «Booking a charter has some advantages for such types of cargo. Short transit time, direct flight, independence from other cargo, clear schedule.”

But the price is as well rather high. Everything like in the passenger flights: economy, business and private jet has different costs but have totally different service.

One of the projects accomplished with Air Charter Service is the delivery of the equipment for gas and oil industry for one of the greatest industrial companies. The maximum cargo length was 8,5 - 9 meters, and the weight of every engine looking like a tube was 1-2 tons. The client chose charter service and ACEX made two similar transportations in spring.

We can point several advantages of choosing charter:

  • short transit time,
  • possibility to send the oversized cargo which can't be sent by a regular flight,
  • the possibility to avoid part-shipment
  • the possibility to send the cargo to and from the airport having no regular service,
  • the possibility of planning of the delivery to a certain date.

Airfreight experts will propose several options for delivery of the oversized cargo and the choice of the service will depend on the resources and restrictions the client has. ACEX experts will propose the best variant.


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