Money and Time Saving: ATA Carnet

АТА Carnet derives from the English words Temporary Admission. It is an international customs document that allows the holder to temporarily import or export goods without payment of normally applicable duties and taxes, including value-added taxes, the procedure is simplified and accelerated.

 What goes under ATA Carnet?

  • Equipment for demonstration or using at exhibitions, fairs, conferences and other similar actions (stands, the video and audio technics, product samples – including food products, and so on);
  • Professional equipment (industrial, medical, movie etc);
  • Packing (containers, pallets, samples);
  • Specially constructed or adapted vehicles - combines, excavators and so on (by the way, ACEX Alliance member has imported the Indian racing car under ATA Carnet for participation in the competitions "Formula Student": the logistics was not broken even taking into consideration the fact that organizers changed the place of the event twice);
  • Goods for the educational, scientific or cultural purposes (theatrical sceneries, suits, paintings, sound installations and tools for bands and so on).
Экономия времени и денег: карнет АТА

The full list is available in the applications to the Convention "About Temporary Import" dated 1990. However, there are certain restrictions: for example, the quantity of food products has to be in an extent of "reasonable requirement" as it is stated in the Convention. That means enough for demonstration. By the way alcohol, tobacco and fuels and lubricants don't get to this category. As well as all expendables. It is forbidden to sell the goods imported under ATA carnet. 

Though there is a way out, the senior expert of airfreight department Mikhail Gavrilin tells: “Some clients deliver goods to an exhibition being aware that the goods with a high share of probability will be sold and consequently there is no sense to use ATA carnet. There is one more option to close ATA carnet by the export declaration, but this option is rather difficult to accomplish. In the latest one or two years the clients prefer to deliver advertising materials with the products description and its characteristics”.

Perhaps it is the reason of some lag of our country in use of ATA from other Convention member countries. They are applied abroad since the beginning of the 60th, and only since the end of the 90th in Russia. Figures for 2010. 10 thousand carnets are issued In the Czech Republic. 20 thousand in Germany. And only 150 in Russia. In recent years the distortion was reduced. Some experts explain this with a smaller budget on exhibition activity in the domestic companies in comparison with the western ones. Nevertheless, marketing specialists call the samples demonstration one of the most effective ways of increase in sales. Therefore, if the is a budget for the samples delivery – ATA Carnet is the best way to do it. Each case should be considered individually basing on experience of working with ATA carnet.

The thing is that registration of ATA carnet has certain peculiarities”, - the Head of Multimodal Department Alexey Lipatov shares his point of view. “They can be analyzed in advance having similar experience. We have just imported the bank equipment from Germany for one of our regular customers for an exhibition in Moscow. We chose ATA as the simplest option for a short time import. But if the customs procedure in Sheremetyevo takes 30-40 minutes – the most part of goods goes by air - the customs working with the road transportation has less experience and the procedure can become more difficult. The customs needed docs which weren't registered anywhere. But it is solvable, the client doesn't even know that problems arose”.

Экономия времени и денег: карнет АТА 3.jpg

Resuming the pros of ATA Carnet:

  • The Book – ATA carnet looks like a green book with detachable sheets - is accepted by customs authorities instead of national customs documents – the staff of customs marks the back and takes away detachable sheets;
  • Use of a carnet cuts down expenses as doesn't demand additional customs payments;
  • Customs registration time is much shorter, than, for example, for temporary import – in the morning the goods have arrived – in the evening they are already in a warehouse. This is relevant if the goods fly to a two-day exhibition;
  • The client doesn’t need to register at customs (as in a case with temporary import);
  • The carnet is valid for a period of up to 1 year. The client can use it multiple times for import and transit to several countries.

 After expiration date ATA carnet should be returned to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for check and cancellation. This body gives carnets and advises concerning registration.

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