About the Alliance

ACEX Alliance is Eurasian Logistics Alliance that brings together owners and top managers of logistics companies on the Eurasian continent (Eastern Europe, Central and East Asia and the CIS countries) with the aim of developing a joint business related to logistics and customs clearance in this territory.

Created in 2014 as the First Russian International Logistics Alliance, in 2022, ACEX is expanded to the entire Eurasian continent.

Among the members of the Alliance are companies from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, the Baltic countries, Israel, Turkey, China, Vietnam and many other countries.

ACEX as the Eurasian International Logistics Alliance unites forwarders from all over the world interested in cooperation in the field of cargo transportation from Eastern Europe and the CIS to Central and East Asia.
Goals of ACEX Eurasian Logistics Alliance:

  • Summarizing the best world experience
  • Combining efforts to find optimal solutions in the face of geopolitical instability and the changing logistics market.
  • Expansion of logistics routes across the territory of the Eurasian continent
  • Consolidation of logisticians in the Eurasian territory with competencies in each country of presence
  • Creation of an international network of forwarders around the world interested in promoting their services to the markets of Eastern Europe, Central and East Asia, the CIS and searching for new partners

Development Strategy of ACEX Eurasian Logistics Alliance for 2022-2025

  • Attracting Alliance members to key cargo consolidation points in the CIS countries, Central and East Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Representatives of the Alliance in the largest countries of Eurasia
  • Creation of new logistics routes, taking into account geopolitical problems and characteristics of the countries of the region

Benefits for Alliance members

For forwarders from all over the world:

  • A network of the best companies on the Eurasian continent with competencies in each country of presence
  • Established logistics routes in the Eurasian region
  • Exchange of service requests from agents/customers

For Russian forwarders:

  • A network of agents loyal to the CIS countries around the world
  • Pooled resources to create new logistics routes throughout Eurasia
  • Recommendations on behalf of Alliance members
  • Selection of partner contacts of the international agency network

For forwarders from the CIS countries and Eastern Europe:

  • A network of loyal agents around the world
  • Cooperation with international alliances: WFA (Europe, America) CCA, CLC, TFS (China), WCM (Germany)
  • Recommendations on behalf of the Alliance members

АСЕХ Eurasian Logistics Alliance Development Plan:

  • Holding conferences in major cities of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia: Baku, Dushanbe, Nur-Sultan, Warsaw, Vilnius and other capitals
  • Organization of workshops and webinars for partners
  • Presence of Alliance members at major logistics exhibitions and conferences
  • Powerful promotion of each member on the territory of the Alliance member states

The Alliance Conferences

2014 - Heads of companies from 25 countries of the world took part in the First International Conference of ACEX Logistics Alliance in Moscow.
2015 - Important agreements and memorandums of cooperation were signed at the Second International Conference of ACEX Logistics Alliance in St. Petersburg.
2016 - At the Third International Conference in the format of the global Eurasian summit in Moscow, more than 630 negotiations were held with company executives.
2018 - The Fourth international conference of ACEX Logistics Alliance in Sochi brought together more than 120 participants from the largest logistics companies in Russia and the world.
2019 - The Fifth International Conference of ACEX Logistics Alliance brought together ACEX Alliance partners with a total turnover of more than $10 billion on a unique sea cruise ferry on the Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki route.
2022 - The Sixth International Conference of the ACEX Alliance in Baku brought together participants from the largest logistics companies in Russia and the world, who held bilateral meetings, discussed topical logistics issues, and also met with representatives of the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In 2023, an international conference of АСЕХ Eurasian Logistics Alliance is planned to be held in Republic of Uzbekistan.

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