Work with Special Freight on Aviainitiative 2020 by ACEX and SPCP

Another meeting of the working group SCM Avia collected 43 not indifferent to aviation logistics of Russia and guests from worldwide.

The ACEX company and Council of professionals for supply chain management already 4 times they met in the Gorbachev Foundation of producers and expeditors of leading companies of the country to discuss questions concerning the sphere of air transportation

Встреча рабочей группы SCM Avia

This time on 29th January we have discussed features of work with Pharma and cold freights and also possibilities of development in that direction.

 The head of sales department of the Russian and the CIS leading airline AirBridgeCargo. Anastasia Shatun and also her colleague the specialist in regulation transportations of temperature and sensitive products AirBridgeCargo. Evgenia Tymoshenko told why aviation transportation a product of Pharma is more reliable than the others what documents need to be requested from carrier when sending this type of freights and also how can be solved problems with transporting Pharma products in the conditions of the Russian realities.

Анастасия Шатун
Евгения Тимошенко

Елена Конкина Besides, at an initiative there was Elena Konkina, the commercial director of the cargo terminal “Moscow Cargo”, who told about features of work with cold freights, about processing of quality check this type of freights and also gave real cases for processing freights of Pharma category at the cargo terminal “Moscow Cargo".

Мирослав Золотарев At the end of the event performance of Miroslav Zolotarev, the Chairman of Alliance ACEX finished a meeting. Miroslav told about the last unique developments of the Japanese scientists by Ice Batteries producer on improvement of packing materials to maintenance the temperature condition while transporting a product.

ACEX appreciate everyone for active participation in “avainitiative” system. Join us! Up to new meeting.

Встреча рабочей группы SCM Avia

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