ACEX Alliance Represented Russia at THE FREIGHT SUMMIT (TFS) in Pattaya


On October 7 – 10, the 8th international logistics summit The Freight Summit was held in Thailand. TFS is the conference for the top-managers from independent transport companies which is held on a regular basis in different countries of the world.

The event was organized by the biggest international association which conducts such events (AfricaCargoMeet, AmericaCargoMeet, AsiaCargoMeet, etc.) almost each quarter and hosts several hundreds of logistics companies in different spots of the globe for negotiations and business exchange.

This time the event was visited by over 250 representatives of transport companies from all over the world including Optima Freight, Finland, and CARGO-EXPRESS, Russia, which are the members of the Russian worldwide logistics ACEX Alliance.

The following international transport networks were also among the summit participants:


  • WIFFA – World International Freight Alliance
  • WWPC – World Wide Partnership Cargolink Network (480members)
  • CLC - China Logistics Club • CLN - Combined Logistics Networks (200members)
  • MFN - Multimodal Freight Network
  • ACG - Air Cargo Group
  • MFA - Multinational Forwarders Alliance
  • ACEX – Global Logistics Network

Alexandra Chagina, the Deputy Director for business development, CARGO-EXPRESS, was the only representative of the Russian Federation at the conference, she noticed an intense interest of the foreign colleagues to the Russian logistics market.

“There were about 200 participants from different countries: Russia was represented only by our company. My time slots were booked within 1 day as soon as the booking had been opened. Thus my schedule was formed two weeks in advance before the event,” tells Alexandra Chagina, “Participation of the Russian company provoked great interest. I had to explain to the colleagues that the economic situation in Russia was not in such a deplorable state as in the image formed by foreign mass media.”

Julia Nikiforova, the representative of the alliance in Helsinki, Optima Freight company, shares her impressions: “It is the first time for me to visit such a big conference. It was very difficult to keep in mind who is who and where from. However we established warm relations with some participants. Many companies, I met with, were interested in service with Finland; among these companies there were representatives from Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, the UAE, China, India and Turkey.”

The event format is remarkable for its intensive program and participants’ activity. The negotiations did not stop even after official part of the event. In order to solve current issues the participants prefer to start business correspondence with potential partners without delay.

“Participation in such events is a good possibility to get up-to-date information as well as understand political and economic situation of the country whose representatives may become your partners,” comments Alexandra Chagina, “it is a good chance to get new clients and come to know at “first hand” about cooperation between Russia and other countries as well as about import and export volumes. Taking into consideration the size of the Russian Federation, the presence of the Russian regional representatives could have been of great use for the Russian market players as well as for the foreign partners.”

In April the 3rd international conference of ACEX Alliance – EurasiaCargoMeet: will be held in Moscow together with The Freight Summit. The event will be attended by the transport companies from all over the world for the purpose to get familiar with the Eurasian logistics market.   

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