Alliances of all Countries, Unite!

On January 12-14, the first international Star Cargo Alliance conference was held in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. The conference brought together 85 participants from all the continents. The conference was organized by the companies of FM Global Logistics Malaysia Logistics and COSCO Shipping China.

ACEX Group RUSSIA became one of the founding members of the new network association along with COSCO Shipping (a subsidiary of the largest Chinese container carrier), Aramex, the largest logistics and courier company, FM Global Logistics (a regional logistics leader in Southeast Asia), GrupoRas (a leader in the logistics market in South America), and STL Netherlands.

ACEX represents the Russian and CIS region, the Baltic States and Finland in Star Cargo Alliance. The goals of creating a new alliance are to respond to the challenges of the time, consolidate the logistics market, and consolidate players. Together, the participating companies plan to create three global destinations: Ocean Freight Global, E-commerce global and Airfreight Global, each of which will create operating platforms under the single Star Cargo Alliance brand and sign global partnership agreements with major sea carriers and airlines.

Альянсы всех стран соединяйтесь!
Альянсы всех стран соединяйтесь!

The group's combined turnover already exceeds that of any global logistics player. Competence COSCO Shipping, carrying more than 200 thousand containers annually, will form the basis of ocean freight platform, the competence of FM Global Logistics, carrying more than 100 thousand tonnes of airfreight in airfreight based platform, the competence of Aramex, the company is represented in more than 30 countries with a staff of more than 10 thousand people, based on e-commerce platform, the competence of the ACEX, the First Russian International Logistics Alliance, will help the group to work effectively in the market of Russia and CIS countries.

Мирослав Золотарев Miroslav Zolotarev, ACEX Alliance Board Director and ACEX Group of Companies Board Director, participated in the conference and joined the Board Directors of Star Cargo Alliance and the FCL Transportation Committee.

"ACEX, together with its partners, plans to launch and use a global system for exchanging tariffs, booking and tracking container shipments around the world, and will also participate in the creation of a global e-commerce logistics structure that will allow Russian manufacturing companies to enter international markets and deliver their products via both b2b and b2c channels, including international marketplaces and fulfillment centers," Miroslav Zolotarev comments .

ACEX Board Director presented the structure of air transportation in Russia:

Maritime transport trends were discussed by ACEX Alliance Board Director in his speech, such as:  

•environmentally friendly voluntary initiatives of industry;

•lower freight rates in general because of weak trade growth and the sustained delivery of mega container ships;

•Compliance with IMO 2020.

Miroslav Zolotarev also represented company's history and it's today capabilities.

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