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The company PKS, ACEX in Latvia, sometimes receives very unusual requests. The team is always happy to undertake them. So, recently they had the transportation of a gift to the captain of the yacht. Handmade fish figurines turned out to be an unusual present. PKS specialists took them from the workshop in South Africa, brought them to Riga, and then took them by special flight into the hands of the recipient, who at that time entered the port of Palma de Mallorca.

Статуэтки рыбок
Статуэтки рыбок

Another unusual cargo turned out to be a clay hippo. Logisticians carefully and safely packed the cargo and sent it to the UK. However, upon receipt, the client had to call the master to unpack and dispose of the packaging. The fact is that the statuette turned out to be very fragile, and in order for it to survive during transportation, the company's employees used a large number of foam pads. Thus, it was impossible to unpack the cargo, and even dispose of the packaging, without the help of a specialist. And calling such a master cost even more than air delivery from Latvia to the UK!

Глиняный бегемот

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