We are experts in no way situations

There are moments in life that are difficult to cope with. But it is important to have strength not to lose temper and keep finding the way out. 

Alliance members talk about how they dealt with difficult situations and found interesting solutions.

Trust no one!

Упаковка от клиентаCARGO-EXPRESS received an order for transportation dangerous goods to Taipei. The customer assured us that he would pack the cargo securely, and all we had to do was to apply markings and danger signs.

"When we rechecked the packaging of the dangerous goods, we discovered that the box was made of improvised materials and part of one wall was missing," says Vladimir Tsyntsar, Cargo-Express dangerous goods dispatch specialist. "We had to promptly look for another, high-quality box, repackage the cargo, apply markings and danger signs, and only after that send it to its destination."

From Russia to Japan... via Russia

Из России в Японию… через РоссиюA cargo that was traveling from Russia to Japan through Turkish customs was sent back to Russia as prohibited because it contained an electronic exhaust system.

"Based on the results of the inspection, Turkish customs characterized the cargo related to "electronics" and "spare parts" as prohibited for shipment to the final destination, and returned it to Vnukovo airport, Russia. We promptly rebooked the returned shipment through Domodedovo airport as soon as the New Year holidays were finished, and loaded it on the next Ethiopian Airlines flight. The cargo successfully arrived at its destination - Tokyo, Japan," said Ilya Popov, Key Account Specialist at Cargo-Express.

Never give up!

Никогда не сдавайся!"Strength, perseverance, imagination are the necessary skills to transport cargo around the world regardless of good or bad changes," shares his point of view Johnny Tu, CEO of ASE Air Sea Express Ltd. in Taiwan.

"I've always been able to make the best of situations, even when I've had serious health problems. I've had 3 knee surgeries since I was 17 years old and the doctors said I would never be able to play sports again. But they turned out to be wrong," says Johnny.

Graduates Association

Ассоциация Выпускников" In May 2023 I managed to organize the first Generation Meeting of Graduates of our Maritime Transport Management Faculty of Admiral Makarov LVIMU in St. Petersburg, where we decided to establish a permanent Graduates Association", - says Leonids Mukhins, CEO of Pasta un Kurjeru Serviss, ACEX in Latvia. "I hope that by the next Generations Meeting in 2024, the Graduates Association would have been "sanctified by the Great Graduates Hural" and will start its conscious activity for the benefit of the graduates and its Alma Mater, now flourishing under the name of Admiral S.O. Makarov State University of Sea and River Fleet".

Also some fun incidents occur in our company

It’s better to explore Istanbul on foot

По Стамбулу Лучше ПешкомMarina Ilyina, Head of Customer Relations Department tells:

"November. Istanbul. 7th ACEX group conference.

On the last day of the conference after the sightseeing excursion we went from the Asian part of the city to the European part, where our hotel was. We had to drive about 7 kilometers, but in the middle of the way we realized that we were stuck in a "traffic jam" between the two parts of the city. Not far from us was, as we thought, an electric streetcar stop, so we got off the bus and went to it.

But when we got there, it turned out that there were not streetcars, but buses, which go 3 times longer than our individual transfer. Of course, none of us wanted to lose time in a shuttle bus and go to the hotel for another 3 hours.
It’s so nice that our colleagues - the heads of the largest logistics companies from all over the world – saw the humor in this situation and for 40 minutes we all together walked to the hotel, energetically and cheerfully".

Sochi? Where is it?

And here is a geographical sketch from Elena Baranova, Deputy Development Director of the ACEX Alliance.

Сочи? А где это?"Sochi city.  The 6th ACEX group Conference. Among the invitees was ACEX partner from Nigeria, CEO of Zenith Carex, Olamilekan Adelana. A telephone call from Moscow: "I've arrived. I'm in Domodedovo airport. How can I get a taxi to Sochi?"

I replied: "You can't get to Sochi by taxi. You have to buy a plane ticket”.

The thing is the flight to the Capital of Winter Olympic Games 2014 was not a direct flight, it had a stopover in Moscow. Our guest had to spare extra hours to get to the destination but everything went smoothly.

On the same day, Ayrat Bilalov, CEO of PSG in Tatarstan, was traveling to the conference, and planned to fly to Sochi from Kazan. There were no direct flights and the ticket he bought was to Gelendzhik (the city in Krasnodar region). Good thing, his colleague, who was driving to Sochi from Novorossiysk, took a lift for Ayrat to Gelendzhik.

Both of them got safely there."

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