Transportation with a "Gift"

Many people consider the logistics profession boring – to pick up cargo from point A and bring it to point B. In fact, those who think so have never tried to lay a route using all types of transport. Our professionals work with lots of unusual loads! And, of course, there is nothing boring at all if someone "got hooked" to this cargo. Employees of the ACEX Alliance told whether such curious cases had happened to them.

Minnie Byun, Sales and Marketing Center Manager of WAC International Logistics, ACEX in China: 
Термит"Our company has a case that surprised and made many of us nervous. We operated a case which was a full container of “CCTV” goods. The shipper was in mainland China, but we were asked to store it before shipping it out to the third country. Back then, due to the lack of space at our own warehouse, we outsourced to keep the container.
After a few months, we needed to report the inventory status to our client and went to the outsourcing warehouse for goods examination. Then, we discovered the container stored at open area, unlike what we agreed in the beginning. Also, the container seemed very dusty. When our staff opened the container, it was such a horrible scene. They found tons of thousands of termites moving around in the container and covering the CCTV goods. Moreover, all the goods were rotten and nibbled away by termites."

ЗмеяAlexey Lipatov, Executive Director of ACEX Moscow:
"In our practice, there was a case when snakes came to us along with the cargo. The situation was as follows: the sender loaded the container in Vietnam and delivered it to the port of Ho Chi Minh City for shipment to Tallinn. In Tallinn, this container was accepted by our partners from ACEX Estonia and reloaded onto vehicles. Then the container arrived at a customs post in the Moscow region, and after completing customs clearance, it went to the temporary cargo placement site in Lobnya. There, during the acceptance of the cargo, we found two snakes inside the container. Since the unloading took place early in the morning in winter, in the dark and confined space, the snakes made a frightening impression, although they were not huge. The surprise effect worked."

Leonid Mukhin, General Director of PKS, ACEX in Latvia:
Глиняный бегемот "Sometimes we receive very unusual requests, which our team is happy to undertake. So, we had the transportation of an unusual figurine – a clay hippopotamus. We carefully and safely packed the cargo and shipped it to the UK. However, upon receipt, the client had to call the master to unpack and dispose of the packaging. The fact is that the statuette turned out to be very fragile, and in order for it to survive during transportation, our employees used a large number of foam pads. Thus, it was impossible to unpack the cargo, and even dispose of the packaging, without the help of a specialist. And calling such a master cost even more than air delivery from Latvia to the UK!"

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