Top 10 Unusual Transportation Requests according ACEX

A wide variety of transportation projects have been implemented by the alliance experts: helicopters, unique musical instruments, 25 m columns, art objects. And what is even more interesting it is the requests that are received from customers. Some of them frankly speaking are just weird. But as they say the customer is always right. And we do everything to fulfill even the wildest requests.

About the most memorable requests that our colleagues ever received please read further


The most peculiar cargo for ACEX member from Kazan was a hunting trophy - taxidermy moose head was delivered from Naberezhnye Chelny to Ravensburg in Germany following all the customs formalities.


Evgeniy Rastopchin, ACEX Moscow remembers how they shipped 200 kilos of Sberbank paper archives to Ireland. And today they are working on a project of transportation of a bumblebee family.


«Once we had a request to ship 40 tons of potatoes to Yakutsk by air, when we calculated the rates – the customer changed his mind, probably because of the price, the potatoes would cost $5 per kilo. And another time it was requested to ship 50 roe deer from Yekaterinburg to Khabarovsk,» Vadim Mardanov, VST Logistic, ACEX Yekaterinburg tells.


And our colleagues had a request to import new empty coffins from China. “They were brand new, very expensive, made of luxurious wood and Italian textile, even the lids were opening like in Hollywood movies. Probably Dracula was renovating his castle,” Denis Bobrakov, ACEX Novorossiysk says.


ACEX, Moscow once shipped a piano for one of its customers. The family was moving from Russia overseas and the piano was a family member – they inherited it from grand grandmother so they decided to take it with them. The delivery was “door-to-door”. Yuri Orlov remembers, “It was very unexpected and funny. The door opens and there is a piano!”


“One of our customers works in medical equipment business, once from Europe we imported for him a microscope for neurological surgery,” Alexandra Chagina, ACEX Moscow tells, “but to use these equipment local surgeons had to do some special training. They decided that the training would take place in Russia; they would invite a surgeon from Europe for this purpose. How to study? Later they received an offer to import 2 human heads to train on; the heads were frozen and even had tag numbers. Heads were not of course found in a product classification, we applied to the Federal Customs Service and  received a feedback from them that we should contact Ministry of Health, from the Ministry they told us to contact Customs Service, this case took a year to resolve”.


Evgeniya Vidulina, ACEX Moscow, once had a day of “healthy requests”. In just one day she received a request from their long-standing customer for transportation of medications, from sales department she received a request for delivery from Saint Petersburg to Seoul chaga mushrooms, and from agency network there was a request for transportation of “youth potion” from Novosibirsk to Dubai.


And the last request in our list is from Vyacheslav Vasipenok, ACEX Moscow. “In June we got a phone call from an English lady who asked us to bring her husband back home to London. It turned out that he is a traveler who went to explore Russia by car via Mongolia and Kazakhstan and finally reached Magadan where he realized how tired he was and how he missed home. We offered him to drive to Zabaikalsk where our partners would help him, he hesitated a lot and made up his mind not to give up and continue his journey. I guess that just was a moment of despair. We still don’t know whether he reached home or not”.

And what requests do you receive from your customers?

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The article is based on the material sent by the ACEX Alliance members.

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