ACEX and SCM Sport Race in Support of the 4th SCM Congress

On October 6, sportsmen-freight-forwarders gathered in the "My Capital-2019" race in support of the IV SCM Congress on Vorobevy Gory. "My Capital 2019" is the final stage of a races series" Running on the Golden Ring", the route of which took place in 12 historical cities. The current start of the marathon was the anniversary, the fiftieth.

A special feature of the logistics race was that the participants of the SCM platform marathon were united not only by sport spirit and willing to the victory and also common T-shirts, thereby showing the cohesion of the ACEX Alliance logistics companies. It was a big, friendly team, which was connected by work and sport in one place. Participants covered distances of 3 km, 10 km and 21.1 km.

ACEX usually takes part in the SCM Congress, which unites frieght-forwarders and cargo owners from different countries.That is why ACEX Alliance decided to participate in the race in support of SCM platform. This year more than 4 thousand people took part in the marathon "My Capital 2019". 23 teams participated in the race from different companies, such as MosGorTrans, PepsiCo, Kreiss, Bang & Bonsomer, General Motors, Johnson&Johnson, Sodalis Group and others. Many of them are the clients of ACEX Alliance. So, this race was also an unusal meeting for discussing business projects. More detailed about the 3rd SCM Congress

It was the third race for ACEX team. On April 15, 2018 ACEX participated in the cross "Fox Mountain" in the South of Moscow, where everybody showed high results and finished with ACEX flag. On May 21, 2019 group of ACEX also took part in the run marathon in Moscow. That was the first experience of corporate participating in such sport event. 

На старт, внимание, Альянс! Miroslav Zolotarev, ACEX Alliance Board Director: "The race took place despite the weather! ACEX team was the largest among the logistics departments teams of the Supply Chain Professionals Council. Bacardi, MegaPhone, MTS, Pepsi, Castorama, Mustang, General motors and representatives of 30 other companies, including the legislator of the world marathons Abbott, took part in the race together with us. Rain and snow are not obstacles, nevertheless we reached the finish line! Thanks to ACEX support team! There were four of us, but this is not the limit for the future! Join the team of SCM Spirit, to ACEX! Running is power!".

На старт, внимание, Альянс! Dmitry Karpenko, ACEX forwarding driver, and Evgeny Karpenko, ACEX driver: "everything was fine despite the bad weather, there was good atmosphere and organization, pleasant impression and nice mood. Also, there was very tasty buckwheat porridge and tea!".

Olga Pirogova, ACEX Strategic Projects Team Leader: "It's a great idea to make a corporate race! Thanks to the initiators. A team that can get up early in the morning for the sake of ideas and sports can work wonders and accept any challenges in any sphere of life."

На старт, внимание, Альянс!

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