ACEX Members Provided Exhibitions in Moscow and Dubai with Chemical Equipment

ACEX members in Yekaterinburg, Moscow and Estonia participated in the transportation of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries equipment for the exhibitions held in Moscow and Dubai.

For the Analitika Expo exhibition in Sokolniki VST Logistics, ACEX member in Yekaterinburg delivered from Finland an analyzer used for measurement of granules hardness of crude minerals and pharmaceutical products. Company experts registered the load by means of ATA carnet and organized the air transportation from Helsinki.

Pick up of the load and the registration was performed at night,” as Vadim Mardanov, VST Logistics general director says, “and the driver who delivered the analyzer from the airport to Sokolniki was waiting for three days to take it back to Finland.

ATA Carnet is not an only way of registration of the imported load on the territory of another country. ACEX Estonia experts in comparison to their colleagues from Ekaterinburg used the procedure of temporary export to ship the analyzer, hardness tester and infrared spectrometer for ARABLAB 2017 exhibition.

Analyzers were imported on a tight schedule,” as Alexander Kovalev, customer relations manager at ACEX Estonia says, “because of the tight schedule our customer refused to register an ATA Carnet since it requires an approval from the Industry and Commerce Chamber, and issued an export declaration, and ACEX partner in UAE ARAMEX prepared a temporary permit for import of the load and delivered the equipment to the exhibition.

The transportation was supervised by Evgenia Vidulina, ACEX agency network coordinator at ACEX, “Out of 6 positions only 5 were shipped by Aeroflot airlines to UAE, one was missing and it turned out that one position was not on board, the success of exhibition now was doubted.

Fortunately Aeroflot quickly managed to solve that problem and delivered the missing equipment a night before the exhibition, and ARAMEX managed to deliver it to the customer’s warehouse.


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