Japanese Supplements under Finnish Sauce in Russia

Анна Черникова«Our customer is a Japanese supplier of food supplements for sportsmen and he didn’t manage to correspond to the new requirements relating CU requirements dated 2016,» Anna Chernikova, air freight department expert at ACEX Moscow tells. «According to new requirements foreign products that are shipped to Russia must contain marking in the Russian language and a special stamp. The Japanese company didn’t meet these requirements». 

ACEX experts suggested a way out. While the Japanese party was updating their operational processes the goods were shipped to Helsinki. ACEX Finland did the customs transit and opened the boxes withNikita Kovalevski supplements at the consolidated warehouses as well as marked the products in the correct way.

«One shipment consisted of 4 - 6 pallets 600 - 900 kilos each,» Nikita Kovalevski, head of ACEX Finland says. «More than 200 boxes were opened and more than 600 items were marked. It took almost a week to change the marking».

After the stickering the goods were shipped to Moscow where they were customs cleared by ACEX Moscow experts and finally got to the Russian market in full accordance with all of the requirements.


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