Delivery at Special Rates

The autumn is a period of changes. The beginning of the school year, which actively affects not only students but also their parents. Companies from various spheres begin to distribute gifts, celebrating the second “New Year”. ACEX Alliance members, who prepared special promotions and tariffs for their clients in the autumn months, are no exception.

FANS TRANS, АСЕХ Alliance member in Hong Kong

Airfreight Rates ex China to Russia Stay Low

доставка по специальным ставкам

FANS TRANS Company, together with ACEX, offers to their customers special rates for the air transportation from China that is significantly lower due to consolidation of the Alliance companies cargo.

We have high expectations from consolidation: firstly, it will help to achieve stability of shipments, and secondly, it will allow us to receive better rates for the client from each cargo which is added in the consolidation,” Andrey Baranov, head of the development department of FANS TRANS, ACEX in Hong Kong comments.

Доставка по специальным ставкам

The advantages of using the cargo consolidation:

  • Daily departures from any major air hub in China, only direct flights, space guaranteed!
  • No need to look for the shaky service of low cost airlines and agents, instead choose quality at the same price!

Cargo consolidation is an optimal product for customers with flexible delivery schedule, for those who are ready to agree to change the dispatch date to obtain a competitive rate,” Evgeniya Vidulina, coordinator of the ACEX Agency network comments.

Delivery at Special Rates

Atlantic Cargo, ACEX Alliance member in Moscow

Consolidated cargo delivery from Turkey to Russia at special rates.

The company offers its customers to transport cargo from Turkey by the new route - through Novorossiysk (sea + auto).

Transit  time 12-13 days.

Transportation is made by sea, the itinerary is Istanbul - Novorossiysk and then by road from Novorossiysk to Moscow. It is possible to drive into and unload cargo at the temporary storage warehouse in Novorossiysk, Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don.

доставка по специальным ставкамOur company is one of the few that transports cargo from Turkey by this route. The cost of the transportation, in comparison with the cartage, decreased by 45%. But the time frames have practically remained the same”, - Elena Abramova, head of the dealership department of Atlantic Cargo says.

This is achieved by some factors:

  1. Low cost of sea transportation in comparison with other routes (delivery through the Baltics)
  2. The port of Novorossiysk uses the technology of fast and simplified registration of the Internal Customs Transit, which minimizes the risks of freight inspection, speeds up the ICT registration and minimizes the costs of the document traffic.
  3. The company specializes at the delivery of consolidated cargo. There is an internal way of work and interaction of all departments for each product. All business processes are managed by the internal IT system; there is a dynamic tracking of delivery time frames at all levels. There is an internal quality department that monitors the execution of all instructions and obligations.
  4. On average, 95% -98% of cargo get in on time.

At the moment, we transport weekly 1 consolidated container (we plan to reach 2 containers per week) from Istanbul and we are ready to offer special conditions in case you have a stable cargo volume,” Elena Abramova explains.

Доставка по специальным ставкам

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