Cross by Off-Road

ACEX participated in the cross "Fox Mountain" in the South of Moscow on April 15 which became endurance test for our colleagues. All participants were divided into 6 groups by age, sex and difficulty of the route. Under the leadership of Miroslav Zolotarev, the Board Director of ACEX, athletes from ACEX fought hard with the unevenness of the route.

30715716_1657376854347443_7879411795671121920_n.jpg 30726074_1657376721014123_8876944570374422528_n.jpg

Although everyone was tired and knee-deep in the mud, but cheerful, and left a lot impressions of the cross. Finished with the ACEX flag.

Pavel Nesmeyanov (Finance department), Alexander Leontievsky (Multimodal department), Yuri Orlov (Airfreight department) are the heroes of ACEX, who came to the finish, despite the dirt  and off- road. Abramova Elena, Maslikova Olga, Fetisova Daria, Gorina Inna, Penkina Daria – representatives of ACEX member in Moscow also ran the cross as well as Director of Air Charter Service Cargo Department Dmitry Nikulin  finished under the ACEX flag. 

SSV_4082.jpg SSV_8653.jpg

T86A0082.JPG 30727249_1657376481014147_2878888180185038848_n.jpg

This is such a busy birthday celebrating in ACEX Group. And this is only the beginning.

30741452_1657376794347449_4629633346727575552_n.jpg IMG_0375.JPG

To be continued…

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