Confirming Status Of Responsible Exporter

In September, ACEX received a prize in the "Responsible Exporter" nomination at the All-Russian "Exporter of the Year" Award.

The prize was awarded to the company indeed is interesting and large-scale transportation, which was carried out by ACEX specialists.

So, recently, a large batch of fabric was transported in rolls from Moscow to Ho Chi Minh. The difficulty of transportation was not in the total weight of the cargo (almost 12 tons), but in its shape and outer packaging: each roll was packed in a separate plastic bag.


Such cargo should not be transported in an open form on a pallet. When landing, such rolls can slip out from under the belts and ram other cargo and even the side of the aircraft on their way.

Taking into account all the nuances of such cargo, Emirates Airline has allocated separate through containers for it. Despite the transfer to Dubai, the cargo was not unloaded from the containers themselves, but reloaded directly into them. This significantly reduced the transportation time: it was two days.

Thus, the transportation of fabric in rolls turned into a kind of record. Usually such large loads with overload are delivered at least three days in advance, taking into account the overload at the transit airport.

For the transportation of such goods, check the details with specialists.

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